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Guest of Honor

With the holidays soon upon us, I am reminding myself of the importance of being a polite guest.

Even at the most casual holiday get-togethers, there are some things a gracious guest should do. Here are the tips to keep in mind when going to another person's home:

Tell your host you will be. An RSVP is always appreciated even if it has not been requested. This allows the host to plan accordingly. As a host, you are always concerned about having the proper amount of food and drinks.

Arrive on time. Come too early and you may be in the host’s way; the last few minutes are often critical to the food being ready for the gathering. If you will be late, let the host know via text exactly how late. This helps the host keep things on track, as they will be multitasking to get everything in order on time.

Ask to bring something. Ask your host if you can bring an appetizer, side or dessert for the meal. If they ask for a particular dish, bring that promised dish as they will be expecting to serve that alongside their spread. If the host doesn't take your offer, bring a little gift. My favorite host or hostess gift: flowers in a vase, a bottle of wine, fancy napkins, and when the farmer’s markets are open maybe some local honey or fresh produce.

Offer to help clean up. Sometimes a host will say no and that’s fine but more often, they’ll be thrilled to have your help.  The host can always shoo you back to the table, but it’s a great feeling to know that people are willing to pitch in along the way.

Say thank you. The art of a handwritten thank-you note has been lost to e-mail and text messages. However, a thank-you note is still a classic way to let your hosts know that you appreciate their efforts. If you need to brush up on your etiquette, here is a whole post for thank you notes.  A text on the way home that says, “Wow! What a fun night!” is acceptable during the hectic holiday season. But remember to always say thank you.

With these simple tips you are set for a fashionable and enjoyable holiday season filled with family and friends.


Nicole Cushing is the author of the blog Nicole Kelly, a fashion and lifestyle destination chronicling Nicole’s love for fashion, her growing family and inspiration.