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A Square Meal

Follow these food-loving Instagrammers to gear up for your own Thanksgiving feast.

106-foodie-insta-body-5@EngNatalie. Pastry chef and food photographer Natalie Eng’s Instagram meticiulous feed features dreamy confectionery wonders and modernized Parisian pastries. Her impressive presentation and imaginative flavors are credited to her vast experience working as a pastry chef at the Michelin-rated Restaurant Le Meurice. Each photo is a marvel and, although you likely cannot recreate Eng’s pastries, she does share simplified recipes on her website.

106-foodie-insta-body-3@Julie’s Kitchen. Most recognized for her playful food collages—an artful arrangement of farmer’s market finds and seasonal produce—Julie Lee of Julie’s Kitchen has expanded her repertoire to feature luscious group dinners and vegetable- and fruit-laden platters whenever possible. Julie travels frequently to create new farm-to-table style recipes and shares them on her blog in addition to some awesome behind-the-scenes videos of her food collages.

106-foodie-insta-body-4@Smitten Kitchen. Based upon the photos of buttery breads and cheesy casserole dishes, you would assume Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen works in a restaurant-sized kitchen. In reality, these incredible foods are whipped up in a modest 42-square-foot New York City apartment kitchen. The limited space translates to a humility in Deb’s recipes which are made from scratch but are free of fussy and hard-to-find ingredients so you can cook like a pro in your home too.

106-foodie-insta-body-1@Tifforelie. Tiffany Mitchell is one half of the team behind Offbeat + Inspired, a food and lifestyle blog she founded with her longtime friend Sarah Hauser. From expansive vistas to street style to comforting waffles and galettes, Tiffany Instagram feed is a mix of categories, not unlike Tiffany herself who is a stylist, baker, photographer and illustrator. The foods Tiffany features are often of the comfort-food variety so you’ll want a cup of cocoa at your side while you scroll.

106-foodie-insta-body-2@Utosh. Japan-based graphic designer Utosh shoots his meals overhead for a “wish you were there” perspective, generating a little order-envy with each minimalist post. The simple fare looks so rich as he highlights the texture and brilliant colors of the produce-- even the most basic meals of toast and black coffee look like a five-star course.