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The 11th (Witching) Hour

When a last minute Halloween party invitation pops up, get crafty with items you likely already have laying around the house and DIY a clever costume.

Pop Art/Comic Book Heroine. A little liquid eyeliner is all you need to transform yourself into a comic book character. Strategically placed lines over your usual contouring areas will transform you into a two-dimensional character of yourself. Follow this simple step-by-step video tutorial by Kelsi Campbell to nail the beauty portion of your costume and then slip on a retro black dress and carry a white handkerchief to complete the look.

Self-Portrait. Take the photo out of a picture frame and carry only the wooden frame around. When asked what your costume is, simply put the frame in front of your face and ta-dah! You’re a self-portrait. Bonus points if you wear some throwback styles from when you were in high school and say you’re a yearbook picture.

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. You already have the essentials to make the iconic, “As a matter of fact, I rather feel like expressing myself now” ensemble that fashion legend Audrey Hepburn wore before interpretive dancing around a Parisian nightclub in Funny Face. A black turtleneck, cropped black trousers and black loafers are important but the key to her seminal outfit: white socks. On set, Audrey protested those contrasting socks but after reviewing the footage wrote director Stanley Donen, “Dear Stanley, You were right about the socks.”

Hashtag. Now that emojis are common costume ideas, hop on the social media band wagon for Halloween but with an original spin. Draw a hashtag symbol on an old T-shirt and go as #costume. Expand your hashtag by teasing out your hair (#BigHairDontCare), donning an everyday but cute outfit (#OOTD or #NoFilter) or wearing your pajamas (#WokeUpLikeThis).