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Dye Hard

A major runway trend for the fall season is an edgy new hair color: platinum blond.

Against the dark tones that come with autumn ready-to-wear, the shock of flaxen hair is a real style-statement. If you’ve been eager to shake up your hair color, there are a few crucial points you should know beforehand. Impulsively dying your hair a dramatically different color can damage your locks so follow these tips to keep your tresses healthy as you make the change.

Grow your hair out first. Before you can take the plunge and do a 180 on your hair color, you should grow out your hair first or be prepared to cut off a few inches after the color treatment. The ends of the hair may not take the colored dye the same way as your roots and, to keep your color looking uniform, you will need to trim them accordingly.

See a professional colorist. DIY dye kits are a great way to touch up your roots or give your hair added gloss but shelf the box color for this particular dye job. If you’re looking to switch up your hair color any more than two shades away from your natural hair color, you need to see a professional. A colorist can advise on the best shade within a color to flatter your complexion and outline the dedication (like regular touch-ups every six weeks and special shampoos and hair product) your new ‘do will require.

Don’t wash your hair before the big day. Once you’ve scheduled your salon appointment, do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours prior. The natural oils of your scalp will protect your hair against the damaging effects of the dye. Also, ask your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment at the end of your color session to partially restore moisture that is tapped out by the dying process.

Invest in quality products to maintain your hair. To keep your dyed hair looking healthy and not dry, begin using shampoo and conditioner specifically for color-treated hair. Ask your colorist if they’d recommend any specific brands and take care to follow their suggestions which may include deep conditioning treatments, at-home glosses or special oils.

Evaluate your eyebrows. Depending on the newfound color of your hair, you may need to darken or lighten your brows to match. Supermodels like Cara Delevigne have made the blond-hair-dark-brow combination the look du jour. Experiment with different eyebrow pencils to see if you need to dye them for your desired look.