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Beachy Texture

There is something effortlessly nonchalant about wispy, undone beach waves.

Achieving this look is purely about finding the right balance between product and technique. New York City’s humidity is on full blast in the summer, as is our A/C units, eliminating the idea of walking out of the house sans hair product.

Two popular methods of creating the perfect DIY beach waves are described below, and based on the length of your morning routine, can achieve the ultimate undone coif.

In the summer, beauty routines tend to become more natural and simple. This method is for those with little to no time in the morning that also doesn’t require heating tools. The night before, when hair is damp after the shower, mist with a leave in conditioner and then with a salt or texturizing spray. Simply braid your hair to sleep in and in the morning loosely let it down. Air dry or lightly use a diffuser to blast the damp strands dry. A light finishing serum will add shine and reduce frizz to keep your waves in place throughout the day.

The second technique requires slightly more time; however, the desired effect looks effortless. To manipulate and create a stay-put style, the magic of a barrel curling iron will transform your waves. Start with blow dried hair, then loosely wrap 1-2” sections around the curling iron making sure to stop just before the ends so you don’t end up with retro or bouncy curls. From there, use your texturizing spray to set and clip them up to hold. While clipped, there will be one less thing to worry about when getting ready for your day. Tousle the waves loose and finish with a serum for shine and frizz control.

Regardless of hair type and length, beach waves are a necessity for summer style. Don’t forget to add a cute straw fedora or oversized sunglasses to complete your look!