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Bold and Bright

Q: I love the highlighter-bright lipstick colors for summer. As much as I love this dramatic look, I haven’t worn it outside; I’m afraid it will be “too much” in the sun. Any suggestions on how I can wear these ultra-bright lipstick shades?

While the vampy and iconic deep red lip used to be considered a daring evening makeup choice, our favorite “bold red lip” has taken a backseat to the introduction of new, playful and equally daring lipstick hues like tangerine, magenta and fuchsia. Our heads may be swimming in the boundless new options for lip colors but, fortunately, the guidelines for wearing these flashy colors are just the same as the classic red lipstick.

Hydrate your lips before swiping on color. Chapped and cracking lips will ruin your bold lip look so prepping your lips is crucial. Dab a little lip balm on your lips and let it rest for five to ten minutes. Then blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess lip balm. Now your lips are smooth and ready for that statement-making brilliant lip color.

Line your lip with a nude lip pencil. Given that the lipstick shade you’re about to apply is so unique, you aren’t likely to find a matching lip liner. Instead outline and fill in your lips with a nude lip pencil before you apply any color. The nude pencil will keep the lip color from bleeding out around your lips.

Take your lip size into consideration. A bold lip color can make thin lips appear even thinner. That doesn’t mean, however, you need to sit this trend out! If you have thin lips, dab the smallest amount of lip gloss in the center of your lips for a fuller looking pout.

Balance the rest of your makeup. The rule of makeup has always been to play up your eyes or your lips but never both at the same time. This adage rings even more true when you are wearing a super bright lip color. As much as you can, pare the rest of your makeup down to the essentials: light foundation and concealer, a little contouring bronzer and two coats of mascara. Forgo your usual blush which can compete with the undertones of the lipstick and stick to just a sweep of bronzer instead.