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Scrub Up

Be prepared to feel super smooth and smell amazingly good! This weekend I decided it was time for my skin to get its much needed exfoliation so I made this amazing all-natural rose body scrub.

Ingredients Fine sea salt Coarse sea salt (Himalayan salt) Rose essential oil Jojoba oil Glass jar or bottle

Directions Mix together the fine and coarse sea salt (I used Himalayan salt so it would be pink) with the jojoba oil (you can use any type of natural unscented oil) and add drops of the rose oil to your desired scent. You want a consistency that’s the perfect middle between wet and dry – not too oily, not too crumbly.

I’ve also provided you with labels you can download – there are 2 different sizes depending on your jar / bottle size. Also, you can use the “Refresh” labels if you want to make body scrubs with a different scent.

Easy right? I’d have to say, the rose oil is making my room and bathroom smell incredibly fresh!


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