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Good Hair Day

Q: Because of the summer humidity, by the time I get into the office, my straight hair is frizzing out and starting to re-curl. Any tips for how I can get my hair back under control?

Our relationship with summer is definitely of the love-hate variety. We love the long days, hot weather and general laissez-faire air that comes with summer. Meanwhile, we are quick to loathe the sweaty clothing, sun burn and inevitable humidity that will undo your ‘do—makeup and clean laundry as well. To not let your beauty woes interfere with your summer fun, here are some easy tips to keep the humidity’s effect on your hair at bay.

It may seem counterintuitive but apply a deep conditioner twice a week to prevent frizz. These moisturizing products will help those baby hairs lay down flat and keep the water that causes frizz out of your strands. Do not apply the deep conditioner to your roots like normal conditioner; instead, begin midway down the length of your hair and pull it through the ends. We love Burt’s Bees Hair Repair Deep Conditioner for both its effectiveness and the citrusy scent.

Also, try to skip the flat-iron as often as possible. The hot plates of your flat-iron can damage your hair which makes your hair more prone to frizzing out. If you can get away with it, let your hair air dry to its natural texture throughout the summer. If your hair requires a little extra TLC, opt for silicone-based styling products like Redken Time Reset Corrective Defense Protective Lotion. These products will mist on a nice protective film around your hair to temper it down.

If all else fails, take solace in the current wide cotton headband trend borrowed from the runway. Sweep your hair up into a ponytail and spray down fly-aways with a strong hold hairspray. Slip one of Goody’s Ouch-less 2” Comfort Hairwraps over your hairline and no one need know that this fashion-forward look is borne out of necessity.