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Desk Work

Working as a lawyer and Glitter, Inc. blogger and digital consultant, Lexi Holzberg is a hard-working gal.

But just because she takes her work seriously, doesn’t mean her workspace is overly serious. Lexi has incorporated personal touches to both her workplace and home office in the form of fresh flowers, favorite books and, as her blog name would suggest, glittering desktop accessories. Creating a comfortable workspace invites Lexi to sit down and enjoy her time writing on her passion project Glitter, Inc., rather than it feeling like a foreboding chore.

Read below as Lexi shares her tips on how to give your desk space a little flair whether you work in a cubicle or in your living room!

For someone just starting to decorate their home office, what essentials do you recommend picking up first? For starters, get yourself a great desk. A desk doesn’t have to be an investment – mine is from IKEA (with the legs spray-painted gold) – it just has to be an inspiring place to work. For me, the white desk-top is also a great surface for Instagram snaps. I DIY’ed the white and gold shelves because in my mind, the more storage, the better. A comfy chair and plenty of bright inspiration (cue the disco ball) are also necessities.

What are challenges you find working from home? What are the benefits? Right now, I work half the day out of a law office and half the day from my home office. I really LOVE blogging and balancing law right along with that has been interesting so the lines get blurred a lot. My office space is actually a part of my living room but it really works for me. I tend to bounce around our place when I work from home depending on my mood – bedroom, sofa, desk – so having the “office” in my line of sight, helps to keep me motivated once I’m home from the law office and ready to focus on blogging. My biggest challenge working from home? I don’t have an “off” switch, which essentially means I find myself working way past the time that a normal workday ends… and my hubby has to tell me to shut the computer-- thank goodness for that!

Computer aside, what is the one item you think is really worth investing in? For a blogger: Photoshop-- hands down, my best investment.

Where are some of your favorite sources for decorative pieces? West Elm, Anthropologie, and HomeGoods

What are your tips for bringing a personal touch when you work in a more buttoned-up office? Half the day I work in a law office which means I have to play it a bit safer, both at my somewhat boring brown desk and with my office attire. I keep a few vintage picture frames beside my law office desk, I have stacks of pink and purple pen and I always wear funky shoes. Judges love leopard print!

What is a flat-out office decorating don’t? I’m not sure I have any decorating don’ts. I love experimenting and I try to keep my creative spaces a reflection of who I am in that moment. Typically, that involves glitter and sequins-- which are both probably a decorating don’t but it keeps me inspired and I’m happy with that!