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Beach House

After a questionable spring, the temperature in New York City topped out at 86 degrees on Memorial Day and we couldn’t be happier to welcome sweet summertime. In celebration of summer’s arrival we’ve redecorated our space in the very fitting Hampton beach style. Follow our easy tips to create your own summer sanctuary.

Paint walls with hues that allude to the ocean. Roll on shades of oceanic hues to the walls or accent furniture to play up a water theme. We recommend, however, breaking away from the typical beach-y blues and instead recreate a hammock view with aloe and gray greens or dive into the coral abyss with bursts of salmon pink and vibrant reds. For a nautical spin, mimic a New England dock scene by anchoring a room in a deep navy blue and highlighting with variations of white, red and yellow.

Dot the room with creatures from the sea. Mermaids, turtles, whales – oh my! Create a seascape with all the things that bring the sea and sand to life. Imprint a sand dollar on pillows, pin a starfish in a frame, or rest a leggy crab figurine on a bookshelf. Exercise your creative skills and host a craft day. We suggest spray-painting a twiggy branch light sorbet to use as a center piece or a dangle a glass mobile made of weathered sea glass strands.

Sprinkle keepsakes and mementoes through the room for a personal touch. There is nothing quite like dipping your toes in the rushing surf, sprawling on the sugary sand and breathing in the salty air. To keep happy memories of those special seaside visits alive, display pictures of your snorkeling adventure or show off your shell and driftwood collections in clear glass jars. A personal touch always makes the room more enjoyable.

Maximize the summer days’ long sunlight hours. Take advantage of all that nature has to offer and drown your space with sun light using these simple techniques. To give the illusion that the area is bigger (and brighter) position mirrors opposite an outdoor facing window - the reflection of the outside landscape will also aid the illusion. In addition, fit windows with long sheer draperies or paint dark surfaces to better reflect the light.

Figuratively speaking, don’t go overboard. Too much décor can be kitschy so decorate modestly by sticking to one theme and a focused color palette. When shopping for decorative items select a small grouping that are related by style, color or texture. If needed, add other trinkets that are subtly thematic such as glass floats or candles nestled in lanterns. Using interpretive shapes like backsplash tiles that resemble buoys can also combat the cliché monster.

Use fabrics and materials that have a lighter feel. Fabrics for a summery space should be airy, light and natural. Linen, cotton, and canvas are go-to fabrics whereas wicker and wood are musts for furniture. If you want to use existing pieces, consider slip covering a couch in tan washed linen and swapping out dresser handles with rope.  For a face lift, distress wood finishes by sanding or staining them for a tattered and weathered look.