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Moving In

Moving in together can be a fun and exciting time, and a major milestone in your life.

Merging your collective belongings, however, can sometimes be an emotional roller coaster. Whether you’re shacking up with your sweetie or you scored a new roommate, inevitably you’ll have to find ways to mix your styles of décor. Any two people have very different tastes, so read on for some helpful tips on how to create a happy, balanced space together:

TAKE STOCK Before you start unpacking, it’s wise to take inventory in what you have already before you go shopping for new items. This way, you know exactly what you’re working with, what you may need and of course, what you may want to get rid of.

STORE IT Once you’ve decided what to purge and what to hold onto, make room to stow your extras by clearing out a space in your home. Not enough square footage? Invest in a storage locker to stow your spare stuff. While you’re at it, box up some of your extra knick-knacks to make room for new items you splurge on together.

BE INSPIRED Crack open a bottle of wine and set aside time together to create your very own decorating board on Pinterest. Pin rooms, color schemes, furniture and fun decorating ideas that you both like. While this can be a wildly entertaining project, it also helps you both get insight in to each other’s likes, dislikes and can’t-stands. If all goes well, you’ll uncover a fabulous design theme that you both can happily agree upon to build your haute home.

MEET IN THE MIDDLE You’re obsessed with shabby chic, s/he’s totally into clean and modern. You’re building a new style together now, so you’ll eventually figure out there's a place for everything… just not necessarily all in the same room. You may be able to pull off blending your aesthetics, but when mixing Mason jar vases with a mid-century table lamp just doesn’t work, try designating each style to certain room. If he hangs out more in the living room, add some more streamlined touches that he will appreciate. If she's always toiling away in the home office space, make it her own by filling a wall with vintage picture frames.

TAKE YOUR TIME Don’t feel like you have to bedeck your entire abode overnight. In fact, it will probably look too thrown together if you do. Finding pieces you both agree on is a process, so remember to take it easy and have fun with it. Over time, add in a travel memento here, a beautiful birthday present there. You are unique people so if your space winds up looking eclectic, all the better. Moving in together can be a great way to explore new ways to style your home and think outside the box. Use it as an excuse to restyle the way you live!