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Bright Eyes

There’s no better way to usher in the new season than with bright, optimistic color.

On dresses, sandals and handbags, a happy hue injects any warm-weather look with some much-needed pep. Looking to up the ante on your color game? Intense eye makeup emerged as one of the key beauty trends on spring runways. So break out that untouched peacock blue eye-shadow in your neutral palette, or dig deep into your makeup bag and unearth that emerald green shadow stick from ages ago: here are five tips to help you tap into this powerful trend… without looking like it’s Halloween.

BLEND IN Start off with your favorite primer to ensure you lock in your hue all day. High-wattage color can look childlike when simply placed on the lid, so it’s important to blend it for a professional-looking finish. Invest in a blending brush and concentrate on the lid crease, transitioning the color from light at the tear duct to dark towards the eyelashes for a vivid, smoky finish.

NO MATCHY-MATCHY Though it’s tempting, try not to coordinate your makeup to your outfit too much. If you’re wearing a purple shirt with amethyst eye-shadow, you run the risk of shifting the focus from your pretty peepers to your piled-on pigments. Colorful eye makeup need not need to match your look; instead opt for colors that complement what you’re wearing. For example, turquoise makeup pops perfectly when paired with coral clothing.

LIGHT FOR DAY, LAYER FOR NIGHT Pull off bold color during the day by applying a thin line of shadow along the top lashes in a saturated shade of purple, blue or green, smudging ever-so-slightly to soften the line and look more natural. Finish with mascara in black or brown. After dark, opt for a bold black liquid liner and apply your color of choice above it with a slightly heavier hand.

USE SHADOW AS LINER Whether it comes in a palette or you opt for an eye-enhancing crayon, using brightly colored shadow as eyeliner turns up the volume on your look without attracting too much attention. Using a fine-pointed brush for precision, try your powder shadow wet for a more dramatic effect, or dry for a softer look. Make sure you tap off any excess powder before lining, that way you have less of a chance of getting icky residue on your cheeks or worse yet, in your eye!

BE CONFIDENT Colorful eye-shadow is not for the faint of heart. From neon corals to electric purples to high-wattage blues, this season's boldest beauty trend is guaranteed to put all eyes on you. So make sure you put your most self-assured face forward when rocking this spring trend!