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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

There is a turning point at the tail end of every season where you just scowl at your winter wardrobe.

The overcoats, knubby sweaters and riding boots that you were so excited about six months ago now fill you with Polar Vortex-induced, “when will winter end?!” dread. To combat this post-season slump, you’ve revived yourself with new spring additions: gladiator sandals, gauzy dresses and colorful everything. Before you push your winter wears into the recesses of your closet to make room for your warm weather goodies, organize your wardrobe with these organizing tips.

Bit by Bit. The reason why spring cleaning feels daunting is because it is! Instead of mustering the motivation to organize everything in one go, pick a single category to focus on like your sock drawer or shoe rack. Once you start to see these piecemeal changes, chipping away at the greater undertaking, you’ll be much more likely to follow through with your spring cleaning.

Yes, No, Maybe So. As you sift through your clothing, separate it out into three different piles: Yes, keep; No, toss; and Maybe so, donate. Obvious items to toss out are the pieces that no longer fit, are irreparably broken or stained or no longer fit with your lifestyle. For deciding whether that skirt you love but rarely wear deserves a second thought, ask yourself, “Would I wear this right now?” Ignore the weather and those hypothetical circumstances of themed parties or far-fetched excursions (“I might need this for an Old West themed party! I might want to go hiking someday!”). If you would not immediately put this on, it’s time to move on.

Hang On. When your clothes are on wire dry cleaner hangers, chunky plastic hangers and spongy satin hangers, the mismatched hangers can make even a tidy closet feel disorganized. Invest in slim felt hangers to standardize your hanging space and keep your clothes on their hangers and off the floor.

Wax and Wane. Once everything has been removed from your closet hanging rod, wipe it down with a piece of wax paper. This will help your hangers slide more easily along the bar.

Pair Off. Two common ways to arrange your clothes are by like pieces (skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses) or by occasion. If your work and weekend wardrobe are one in the same, opt for the former method. If you wear a suit Monday through Friday and exclusively jeans on the weekends, occasion-based organization may work better so you know just where to look for your lucky Presentation Day outfit.