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Suit Up

The suit used to be a big to-do. If you weren’t working in a corporate office, wearing a suit and tie was a serious style statement and you were applauded for bringing a little refreshing formality into the room.

With the rise of the suit’s street style prominence, however, the blazer and trousers duo is becoming increasingly (dare we say it?) commonplace. How to reset the standard again? How to once again give your look that original spin? To keep your suit looking on-trend without having to invest the hottest new modern cut, accessories are key. Here are a few ways to give your business suit that style edge and a personal flair.

Mirrored Sunglasses. A throwback to the 1990s and a major upcoming trend for 2014, mirrored sunglasses are back in a big way. These brilliant specs will add a bold energy to any suit, nodding to your fashion savvy and independent personality. To keep your look on par with the times, keep the frames in a classic silhouette like a Wayfarer or aviator style and let the mirrored lenses be the focus of your look.

Patterned Socks. Going sockless with loafers is quickly becoming the style M.O. of fashion-forward men in creative fields but, when executed in correctly, can look as though you left the house in a hurry. Split the difference and tap into your artistic element with printed socks. While your sock liner can be a bold color, they should still match your trousers and shoes. If splashy colors won’t fit in your office dress code, opt for a subtle approach with socks in printed neutrals like black, grey or navy like these Vince Camuto Men’s Neat Checker socks.

Watches. Watches are just as much a reflection of your style as your lifestyle and a timepiece can be a quiet nod to your out of office interests. Even if you wear a suit all day but are an avid sportsman over the weekends, opt for a sporty dress watch like the Vince Camuto Men’s Master watch with a silicone strap for an athletic appeal. If you’re an engineer at heart, try a style that shows off its intricate gears and dials as in the Vince Camuto Men’s Croco  watch. Read more about what to look for when you shop for a timepiece here.

Ties. If you have a dark navy, charcoal or light grey suit, a streak of color can be a welcomed visual break and give your suit a point of distinction. There is however a clear but fine difference between a tie that is an accent to your suit and one that is outright clashing. Keep your tie to 2 ¼ to 2 ¾” wide at its widest point; a narrower tie like the Vince Camuto Men's Retro Strip Tie will keep any print from overwhelming your suit and ensure your look feels wholly modern.

Tie Bar. Gentlemen in the know don a tie bar and it is perhaps the most subtle way to give your suit a style upgrade. A simple brushed silver or gold rectangular tie bar is all you need. Slip your tie bar between the third and fourth button of your dress shirt for proper placement.