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In Living Color

Drab winter is nearly through and the prospect of spring has given each and every one of us a little Mr. Fix-It, Do-It-Yourself attitude as we weed out our closets and begin to undertake small redecorating projects. The longer days and melting snow urge us to bring a little of this newfound color indoors.

The most obvious way to add a splash of color is by re-painting your walls or a single accent wall. If however painting is not an option either because you’re renting or you’re apprehensive to commit to that one vivid color, here are some ways to infuse color into your living space—no paint required.

Flowers. A brilliant bouquet of lilac delphiniums, gerbera daisies or blue hydrangeas will instantly bring life to your home. Whether you drop a bunch into a tall, fluted vase or separate them into a cluster of smaller bud vases, having a fresh burst of color and subtle aromas will immediately prime your space for spring. If you want this floral arrangement to have a more permanent place in your home, consider investing in silk flowers. Be sure to dust them frequently though as that is always the tip-off for faux versus real arrangements.

Throw Pillows and Blankets. Far less expensive than investing in new furniture, toss a little color onto your couch or bed with decorative pillows. Look for pillows in different sizes and shapes that complement each other when laid together. Adding in pillows made of different fabrics and textures like quilted cotton, crochet or lace can give your lounging area a new point of interest.

Artwork.  Swapping out your artwork can give a whole new dimension and feeling to your quarters. Society6 has a vast assortment of wall art from fashion illustrations to screen prints at very affordable prices. You can purchase the artwork pre-framed too to best match your apartment. For the budding gallerist, Art Remba is a new art rental service that loans expensive paintings and photographs for months at a time for a fraction of the cost.

Removable Wallpaper. A more labor-intensive project installation-wise, removable wallpaper is ideal for renters as it can be removed effortlessly. Try a graphic print for a new take on the accent wall or cover a panel of your door or cabinets for a dash of color. If you fall in love with your wallpaper but don’t have enough to cover the whole room, hang a mirror on the opposite wall to echo the print while keeping costs low.