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Award Winning Party

Snuggling up in your pajamas with some take out chicken pad Thai has been your preferred setting for watching the Academy Awards for the past few years.

But, it’s a New Year and time to shake up the routine! This weekend, unfurl your own red carpet and invite your friends over for an Oscars screening party—after all, your witty fashion commentary needs to be shared. Here are some tips to entertaining a crowd as you watch this celebration of the world of entertainment!

Food and Cocktails. Even if you typically enjoy microwave popcorn during the awards show, up the ante for your guests with more elegant appetizer options. A well-thought out cheese plate complete with water crackers, olives and cured meats is always an impressive presentation that takes little time to arrange. If you’re not an affineur or cheese expert, this guide by Real Simple is a straightforward guide to assembling your tray of Gouda, Camembert and Manchego.

For the guest who prefers sweet over savory, pick up a small box of macarons and display them in delicate glassware. We love this presentation by The Glitter Guide which includes maracons with a metallic finish to match the glitz of the evening.

Cocktails and Drinks. Sip the same champagne as the celebs and pick up a bottle of THIENOT champagne, the official bubbly sponsor of the 2014 Academy Awards.

For fun, rename classic cocktails with names of the nominees or your favorite actors’ names. For instance, pour out this melon and gin cocktail and christen it the Melon Degeneres in honor of this year’s Oscars host Ellen Degeneres. Or, mix up an Apple Martini and dub it the Grace Kelly Green Apple Martini.

Wordplay not your thing? Try shaking up this champagne cocktail inspired by Marilyn Monroe who, interestingly enough, never won an Oscar:

4 oz champagne 1 oz apple brandy 1 tsp grenadine syrup Ripe or maraschino cherries

Pour all ingredients into a champagne saucer and serve with two cherries on a cocktail straw.

Seating. When your loveseat is meant for only two, create extra seating space on the floor with comfy floor cushions like these square pillows from Linens n Things. Arrange them haphazardly around the TV or coffee table allowing guests to seat themselves. Sprinkle in smaller throw pillows in complementary colors and prints to create a very cushy and snug setting.

Games. Printing out the Oscars ballot of nominees is a no-brainer for your guests. But, to add some new excitement, hand out small or children’s chalk boards and chalk. As the stars walk the red carpet, ask friends to rate the dress on a scale of one to ten. Note the scores and see who wins your party’s best dressed award.

As the awards begin, hand out Oscar Bingo boards and stickers to guests. Pre-made boards are available for download here but you can make your own board with squares like, “Winner Kisses Date,” “Someone Says, ‘I Didn’t Prepare a Speech’” or “Speech is Obviously Cut Short by the Wrap-It-Up-Music.”