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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

From her brains to her winning personality, you, simply put, adore your girlfriend.

For Valentine’s Day, show how much you value her unique her-ness with the perfect gift that reflects her natural charms, interests and character that you love so much.

The Romantic. While your girlfriend has a laundry list of dazzling attributes, you particularly admire her book smarts, innate sense of grace and flawless manners. Like her personal fashion icons Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, she is drawn towards classic silhouettes that, even though you’ve seen them on her countless times, always look brand new because of the regal way she carries them. This Valentine’s Day add to her timeless wardrobe with this Vince Camuto Banded Watch.

The Artist. Since you’ve started dating your creative girlfriend, you’ve added the terms, “DIY,” “homespun” and “salvaged and reclaimed wood” into your vocabulary. You marvel at your girlfriend’s eclectic mix of hobbies and she always surprises you with something she, “just whipped” up from straight from Italy-worthy pasta to a bejeweled necklace to the floral centerpiece she gave your mom for Thanksgiving.  Give your crafty girl something for her well-decorated home like this Vince Camuto Buenos Aires Euro Sham pillow so she can unwind from her latest project in style.

The Blogger. To say your girlfriend is ahead of the curve would be an understatement. From fashion trends to the new after-hours hot spot in town, she keeps running list of what’s new, hip, happening and in. Being with her invigorates you with a new sense of adventure as you taste new cuisines, listen to new music and visit neighborhoods in your town you’ve never even heard of before. For your in-the-know girlfriend, gift her the Vince Camuto Maya Cross Body handbag. Her fashion savvy will love the trendy metallic sheen while her street smarts side will covet compact but roomy size.

The Glamizon. You girlfriend’s favorite color is sequins (followed by sparkles) and she seems to just have a little extra glitter in her veins. Her wardrobe and jewelry are dazzling and so is her personality: she’s brilliant, upbeat and incredible fun to be with. The Vince Camuto Chandelier Dangling Earrings are the perfect gift to complement her sparkling personality.

The Rocker. She may look tough with her heavy black eyeliner, beat up motorcycle boots and undying love of The Clash and Ramones but your girlfriend has a heart of gold. Since you’ve been seeing each other, she has opened you up to different aspects of culture from the small art galleries with local artists to the underground music venues with the new, new wave sound. For Valentine’s Day, give your rocker girlfriend the Vince Camuto Ponte Leather Jacket—it’s that perfect mix of daring and sweet just like her.