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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Whether you just started seeing one another or you know you’re with The One, how long you and your beau have been a couple will influence your level of Valentine’s Day gift giving.

To help you navigate the present-protocol of this holiday, here’s a guide of what to bestow upon your boyfriend, fiancé or husband on February 14th.

“Hopefully dating soon…” If you’ve been feeling the more-than-just-friends vibe from your special someone, Valentine’s Day can feel rather daunting. The lofty expectations of romance can unfairly put pressure on you and your crush to fast-forward your relationship to next level status. Nix the gift giving the day-of in favor of a sentimental or sweet card that hints at an inside joke you share. For a personalized Valentine’s Day card, we love Tiny Prints’ quirky-cute and light-hearted invitations that steer clear of flowery words like “love” and “romance” and can easily be modified with your personal message.

“It’s kind of new.” A handful of stellar dates but not quite ready to change your Facebook status to, “In a Relationship?” Keep Valentine’s date night light with an activity-based gift like dinner reservations at that neighborhood restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, tickets to the indie flick your date wants to see or try out the latest date-night trend: drinking art classes where you sip some wine as you paint a masterpiece. Visit Pinot’s Palette and find a location near you to sign up.

“Definitely past the getting-to-know-you phase.” As a couple, you’ve moved into boyfriend-girlfriend status and having weekend plans together is nearly expected. Although you may not know everything about him (yet), you have a pretty good idea of what is essentially, “him.” A universally well-loved present is cologne but, to up the wow-factor, gift him this Vince Camuto Men’s Valiant Gift Set. An aromatic bouquet of masculine scents like wood, musk and citrus, the Vince Camuto Men’s signature fragrance is something  you can both enjoy.

“We’ve been together forever.” You and your guy are solid. You know each other’s idiosyncrasies, isms and quirks and, more importantly, love each other not only in spite of these traits but because of. Because you are so tuned into one another, you may already have that perfect gift in mind. If you’re having a hard time pinning one down, consider a personalized gift. We love this Vince Camuto Men’s Executive Watch that looks incredibly handsome on any man. Bring it to your local jeweler to be engraved with his and your initials for a stunning and personal gift.