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Anatomy of a Men’s Watch

A watch goes above its basic time-telling utility. A sleek and bold statement about your style and personality, a handsome, artfully crafted watch immediately draws attention be it a subtle sidelong glance or a more direct, “Where did you get that?!”

When you want to upgrade from using the clock to your cell phone, here is what to look for as you shop for a timeless timepiece.

Wristband. The band of a men’s watch is as much a statement as the face. For a comfortable fitting bracelet, look for a bracelet band with true individual links so you can adjust and customize the fit. A linked band is also a nod to the artisan quality of a truly fine watch as there is more hand crafting required to join the links properly. For a sportier alternative, try a watch with high performance silicon straps which are durable and comfortable. We love the water-resistant Vince Camuto Men’s Master watch, perfect for the office or gym.

Case. The cases, or outside covering of a watch, and dials of a superior men’s watch are extremely detailed and intricate. Stylistically, designers will mix materials like stainless steel and aluminum or incorporate contrasting colors, plating or textured finishes. Cases vary in thickness depending on the type of movement (i.e., automatic vs. manual wind or quartz movement) of the watch. As you try on different watch styles, the case will be an important factor to consider based upon your individual preference and overall fit.

Spectator Case Back. To display the beauty and complex engineering of the watch’s movement, some automatic styles (like Vince Camuto Mens’ Executive watch) features a clear side and back of the case.

Dials. The dials are data-rich with timekeeping functions. For an expensive looking watch, opt for a multi-function style featuring sub-dials and fly-back zones. The luxurious Vince Camuto Men’s Veteran for instance features a fly-back movement which displays additional information including the date and automatically resets itself.