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TGIF Beauty Tips

Q: On Friday nights, it’s become my friends’ routine to go straight to dinner after work. Although I am in fact going straight from my desk to the dinner table, I hate showing up to the restaurant looking it. Any ideas how I can spruce up before going out?

A: There is nothing less glamorous than trying to apply makeup in the office’s bathroom mirror, lit by fluorescent lights before hitting the town. Here are some tips though to maximize your limited primping time and space so you look and feel night out ready come happy hour.

If your eyes are tired from staring at your Inbox all day, dab a small amount of white eye shadow into the inner corners of your eyes and swipe a shimmering highlighter under your eye to brighten them up. Then, to add some allure, build on top of the neutral eye shadow shades you wearing during the day to create a smoldering night out look. Blend a complementary metallic eye shadow (try Bobbi Brown’s Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow) onto your pre-existing color beginning at the lash line, smoothing the color up and outward to create a softened cat eye shape.

Adding color to your face will also freshen up your look when the work day has left you feeling drab. Sweep on a little extra bronzer and blush to pump up any powder that may have worn away throughout the day. NARS’s The Multiple Multi-Purpose Makeup Stick acts like both a highlighter and blush; just dab it on the apples of your cheeks and gently blend the color towards back your temple and down towards your jawline to soften the blush-line.

When a last minute deadline and a broken copier have left you no time to get ready before meeting friends, lipstick is your beauty savior. Forgo the dark red hue (which usually needs to be applied with precision and care) in favor of a soft pink like Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick in Obsessed.

A little powder and a perky lipstick color can revive your beauty look and your going-out mindset after a day of work. Moreover, it will add a little mental separation from work- and play-time so your conversation won’t begin with all office-talk. More likely, your friends will want to know what you’ve been doing to look so healthy and happy!