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Shoe Style Personality Quiz

A, B, or C? Answer these questions and reveal your shoe style personality!

1. Your dream date night would include: a. A candle-lit dinner at that impossible-to-get-a-reservation trendy French restaurant. b. The quintessential date night activities: dinner and a movie. c. Dancing up a storm at your favorite underground club. d. Sipping wine and sidling up on the floor playing old vinyls on a record player.

2. Which city has you racking up the Frequent Flyer Miles for a dream vacation? a. Los Angeles. b. Paris. c. London. d. Bangkok.

3. When it comes to your beauty routine, you never forget to apply: a. Bronzer and shimmer for a permanent on-vacation look. b. A bright pink lip, bold but still soft and femme. c. Eyeliner, you’ve perfected the heavy-liner-for-day look. d. Chapstick. You don’t wear a lot of makeup.

4. What is your dream job? a. Celebrity publicist. b. Book publisher. c. Rock star. d. Artist.

5. What book is currently on your shelf? a. Bridget Jones, Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding b. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens c. Just Kids by Patti Smith d. Essential Writings by Mahatma Gandhi

6. What is your go-to drink for Happy Hour? a. A cosmopolitan, it’s a little girl but still a serious drink. b. Pinot Grigot, a crisp and simple option. c. Whiskey with a pickle juice chaser, you’ve been hooked on them since that night out in Brooklyn. d. A Blue Moon beer, reminds you of summer’s beach bonfires.

7. Which celebrity do you consider your style icon? a. Marilyn Monroe. b. Jackie O. c. Karen O. d. Sienna Miller.


Mostly A’s – You’re a glamorous stiletto.

Like the feminine stiletto, you are that sweet mix of feminine allure and sophisticated charm. Yes, you admit, you can be a little dramatic with an added sparkle here and there but that’s what keeps your life so exciting! Prepare for your favorite season (summer) with the Vince Camuto Janeese peep-toe; the height and metallic shine always beckon a second-take!

Mostly B’s – You’re a classic ballet flat.

You and the ballet flat are the masters of the chic and polished look. Your timeless tastes have dipped into an informed and eclectic mix of favorite books, restaurants and artists. Take your first step into spring with the Vince Camuto Elisee flat; you’ve always had a soft-spot for a cap-toe flat.

Mostly C’s – You’re a daring moto-boot.

Your look instantly cues up guitar riffs and a cool rocker vibe making the moto-boot your shoe spirit. You’re fabulously edgy and have that mystique and insider coolness that draws people to you. The next time you’re headed downtown for that concert at the venue that still doesn’t have a name, slip on a pair of the Vince Camuto Wellsley boots and let the good times roll.

Mostly D’s – You’re a bohemian gladiator sandal.

The summer was seemingly made for you—and the gladiator sandal. With your free-spirit and wanderlust outlook, you feel most at ease outdoors. As you pack for your next cross-country road trip, don’t forget to pack your Vince Camuto Himila sandals.