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To the Core

“Classic style, high-quality and a great fit are the three most important elements to look for when buying wardrobe essentials,” explains Yuthi Meas, art director of Vince Camuto Mens. Here are the five pieces you should invest in and add to your wardrobe this year:

Trench Coat. Made popular by the man’s-man Humphrey Bogart, the classic trench coat is crisp with a businesslike respectability and a must-own for any work event or meeting. To keep your coat looking sharp, Meas suggests, “Go for wrinkle-resistant fabrics when buying a trench. Thicker cotton fabrics like twill are best.” And, just like Bogart, stick with a Khaki color which will offer more seasonal versatility.

Navy Suit. “Every man should own a great navy suit in a lightweight wool fabric,” says Meas. This year round staple looks appropriate for any occasion or setting.  The correct fit and fabric is crucial and will be the key to looking Don-Draper-sharp and not sloppy. When it comes to the blazer, “The suit shoulders should end with your shoulders and the jacket should close, allowing for three fingers between the button and your body.” Sleeves and pant length should be custom tailored for your height but jacket sleeves, “end where your thumb meets your wrist. Pants should have a one inch break.”

Polo Shirt. Forgo the usual crew neck white t-shirt for a more refined polo shirt. The polo shirt has a more sporty flair but looks more pulled together than a tee. For the most polished looking fit, you should be able to slide one finger between your sleeve and bicep and, when you pull the shirt away from your torso, it should not come out more than three inches.

Dark Denim.  Jeans are the most-worn item in any wardrobe but, in turn, get worn out quickly and may need to be replaced more often than you think. When buying your denim, “Always go for a tighter fit than you would ordinarily select. They will stretch considerably.” Also, keep your denim dark and perfectly broken-in by skipping the washing machine. Fold them into a plastic Ziplock bag and leave them in the freezer for 24-hours to eliminate that worn jeans smell.

Lace Up Boots. To give your wardrobe a rugged appeal, invest in a pair of lace up boots. Whether or not you’re an outdoorsman, non-hiking boots are an important addition to your outfit repertoire.  The lace up shaft is masculine and the all-leather boot looks incredibly debonair even if you’re just running to grab a morning coffee.