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All Year Round

Whether you wanted to save money, find more balance in your life or start training for that marathon, keep your New Year’s resolution beyond January this year with these helpful tips.

Focus. It’s wonderful that the New Year has totally rejuvenated you, making you ambitiously want to take on all these different tenets of your life: Learn a new foreign language! Travel more! Start a blog! Trying to tackle all those different resolutions at once, however, will set you up for failure as you’ll be overwhelmed juggling and making time for all these major lifestyle changes. Instead, hone on a single resolution and focus your energy on achieving that personal goal.

Write it down and tell a friend. Jotting down your resolution will be an affirmation of your goal, a physical reminder of what you want for yourself in 2014. To feel more accountable for this goal, tell a friend or family member your resolution. It is common to fall off the resolution bandwagon when you are not accountable for your progress. To keep yourself on track, ask your friend to check in with the status of your resolution. Knowing that someone is keeping tabs on you will push you to always have good news to report.

Take it a step at a time. Once you’ve identified your resolution, come up with general timeline for how you will achieve that goal. For example, if you hope to save money in 2014, thing realistically about small steps you can take towards it-- perhaps you only dine out on the weekends or you’ll curb your shopping budget during particular months. When you break up your resolution into immediate and smaller actions (that collectively mean a big change), you have a road map to success.

Keep your perspective. People are often discouraged when the results of their hard work are not immediately apparent or recognized. When you’re feeling down, remember the adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and understand that all changes will take time.

Celebrate the milestones. As you check off the small goals that will help you achieve your greater resolution, take some time to reward yourself for the progress. Mentally re-set  with a pat on the back or treat yourself to a little “Me Time” (so long as that doesn’t derail your 2014 plans) and think of how far you’ve come—rather than dwelling on how much there is left to do.