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Make a Reservation

The holidays are a peak travel time from family vacations to visit family on the West Coast or long-awaited romantic retreats to Europe. While you’re making your travel preparations, here are some quick insider tips on to help stretch your hotel budget further and maximize the fringe benefits of your stay just by being inquisitive and polite. Easy enough!

“Even though staying at a different hotel every visit is fun, try to consistently stay at a property you really love,” explains John Sutherland, sales manager of the Nomad Hotel. “Hotels love repeat guests and the leading hotels definitely take notice and recognize (and reward) the loyalty.” Ergo, become a regular at your favorite hotel and staffers will throw added perks your way. Think preferred rates and upgrades.

Similarly, if you’re traveling for a short weekend getaway, avoid booking a hotel for only one night especially during peak holidays or travel days. Guests whose stay spans only one night are most likely to be bumped (or “walked” in industry-speak) if the hotel is overbooked. If you ever do find yourself in this situation, do not panic or yell at the front desk; the hotel will comp you a room at a nearby hotel of equal quality.

Do your initial cost-research at or to see what the competitive rates are but, when you’re ready to book, consider calling the hotel and ask how much the higher room categories are. While the rates may not be featured on discount sites, Sutherland points out, “Often times the larger rooms are just a tad more than a standard room so you get much more bang for your buck.”

Prior to booking, ask about the hotel’s amenities. Go above asking about the toiletries and inquire if the hotel has free in-room WiFi, a fitness center or priority access to local restaurants or lounges. While these freebies may not be listed on your reservation, some hotels simply ask you to join their membership club (which is usually free) and allows you to take advantage of these additional perks.

You may be vacation abroad but with all these wonderful add-ons, you may never want to leave your room!