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Set the Table

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with these simple tips that go beyond fork-knife-spoon.

Take Cover. If you have a large table, cut costs by purchasing a festive runner instead of a full table cloth. The narrow strip will keep your table looking festive and well decorated while saving you some cash. An inexpensive runner is also ideal if your table will be seating children so you won’t worry about spills on a table cloth.

Mood Lighting. Forgo florals which can add up quickly and stock up on a variety of candles of different heights and widths in the same color or color family. We love cream candles but try different autumnal hues like hunter green, cranberry red or spicy orange. To keep wax from damaging the table, lay down a long wall mirror and cluster your candles on top. Gather pine cones or small pine tree branches to arrange at the base of the candles.

Aw, Nuts. For a more rustic setting, grab your clear vases of varying heights and fill them up with different nuts in their shells. Walnuts and hazelnuts look particularly festive or diversify the contents with pine-cones, pussy willow branches, or miniature gourds. Wrap a wide ribbon around the top or base of the vase and secure with a bow for a more finished look.

Name Names. Whether or not you’re a stickler about seating arrangements, writing simple place cards with your guests’ names adds an air of formality to your Thanksgiving table. If you don’t like your penmanship, download a basic template to type and print them instead.