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Table Wear

Whatever your Thanksgiving Day has in store for you, here’s what to don at the dinner table.

Meet the Parents. Already a daunting relationship-milestone, meeting your significant others’ family during the holidays can send any well-dressed girl into a, “I have nothing to wear!” tizzy. The goal is to look polished not over-the-top fussy which will make you feel like an outsider instead of a welcomed guest. A flattering Vince Camuto Necklace Trim Peplum Top will nod to your fashion savvy while a timeless pair of Vince Camuto Front Pleat Trousers will ensure you’re the right amount of dressed up. Also, forgo heels and opt for a sleek flat. Comfy footwear means you’ll be ready to participate in your date’s family’s activities, jumping up to help in the kitchen or cheering on their favorite football team in the den.

From top left, moving clockwise: Vince Camuto Clutch Coat; Vince Camuto Necklace Peplum Top; Vince Camuto Jet Link Bracelet; Vince Camuto Gia Cross Body; Vince Camuto Front Pleat Trouser; Vince Camuto Timba flat


Mind Your Manners. Napkin on your lap. Work your way from the out in. Pass dishes to the right. When your Thanksgiving dinner is a formal meal, you need an outfit that matches the ceremonious air and you can never go wrong with a LBD. Slip into this Vince Camuto Pleather Inset Slim Pencil Dress which is feminine and covered but its figure-hugging silhouette gives it the right amount of allure so you don’t feel rigid or stiff in formal garb. Accessorize with brilliant jewelry to add some glamour and drama to your look.

From top left, moving clockwise: Vince Camuto Gold Diamond Shape Earring; Vince Camuto Slim Pencil Dress; Vince Camuto Patent Faux-Leather Pea Coat; Vince Camuto Kyla Travel Clutch; Vince Camuto Callea heels; Vince Camuto Horn Bracelet


Ready for Some Football. Nothing builds up the appetite quite like some touch football before Thanksgiving dinner. Washing your hands before you steel up to the table is a must but the key to pleasing both your teammates and your traditionalist dinner guests who expect a dash of formality during the holidays is to dress for how you appear above the table; no one can see your legs or shoes if you’re seated so add a little glitter and shine to your top. This Vince Camuto Dorito Diamond Blouse has built in jewelry so during game-time you’re free to run and jump but come dinner time you look glittering with holiday cheer.

From top left, moving clockwise: Vince Camuto Dorito Diamond Sweatshirt; Vince Camuto Pyramid Stud Earrings; Vince Camuto Silicone Pyramid Watch; Vince Camuto Follie wedge sneaker; Vince Camuto Ponte Knit Leggings


Hostess with the Most-ess. If it’s your year to host Thanksgiving, first and foremost: breathe. When a hostess is frazzled and frantically jumping from peeling potatoes to setting the table, guests are left feeling uneasy and in the way. While it is daunting to be responsible for the feast, looking the part will make you feel like the confident entertainer you are. A boldly colored dress like this Vince Camuto Flare Skirt Dress immediately adds a refreshing and bright air while giving you a free range of motion so you can focus on the party-planning task at hand. Never go barefoot (unless it’s your house rules) which looks careless. Try, instead, a pair of high-heeled boots which will give you more support than heels.

From top left, moving clockwise: Vince Camuto Flare Skirt Dress; Vince Camuto Gem Drop Earrings; Vince Camuto Emip boot; Vince Camuto Black Stone Bracelet