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Winter Beauty Tips

Q: Every year the winter weather takes a serious toll on my skin. My face goes from oily to dry every other day. Any suggestions on how I can weather the weather?

A: Winter is a rough season for skin to say the least. Going from whipping winds to an over-heated office can send your facial skin into panic mode resulting in especially oily or dry skin.

During the cold months, it is crucial to stay hydrated. Unlike in the summer when the hot weather leaves you thirsty and perspiring (immediate red-flags that it’s time to down some water), the winter weather doesn’t have those same internal indicators reminding you to drink up. Because each body is different, calculate the number of ounces of water you need here and sip water throughout the day. This will keep your body healthy and skin hydrated resulting in a healthy glow.

Your steaming morning shower is a likely culprit if you have dry skin. The hot water, while so soothing when you’re under the shower head, will strip your skin of natural oils. Always apply lotion to your body and face while your skin is slightly damp to lock in the moisturizing ingredients that hydrate your skin.

If your skin tends to be more oily during the winter, don’t forgo facial lotion as a way to tame your T-zone. Instead, opt for an oil-free moisturizer. Look for a brand enriched with vitamin E which is helpful for balancing oily skin. Also, consider adding a step to your cleansing routine: exfoliating. Swipe a little exfoliating cleanser after washing your face. If you feel your skin is drying out even more, drop down the frequency.

Also, just because the days are shorter doesn’t mean you should skimp on sunscreen. Whether you apply it as a moisturizer or your foundation has SPF, the cold is no excuse to stop wearing it—especially if snow is already on the ground. Snow will reflect the sun, making it doubly harsh on your skin.

By making slight adjustments to your beauty routine, you can make sure your skin is glowing and healthy year round.