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Home Sweet Home

Spruce up your space with these simple décor tips and tricks.


Throw a Pop of Color Pick a color that you are drawn to this season and use it in different shades throughout main spaces. Burnt oranges and wines or muted earthy tones like russet and ivory are perfectly fall festive. Cloak the side of a couch or ottoman with a patterned or solid throw blanket for an easy splash of color. Accomplish the same effect with an assortment of pillows in a varying sizes, materials and prints on your sofa or bed. Pillows and throws also add a comfy cozy feel to your place for the chilly weather ahead.

Bring the Outdoors In A great way to brighten up and breathe new life into your space is by decorating with floral and other foliage. Nest a vase in the middle of your dining table, sprouting with perennial or seasonal flowers and greenery. Scatter leaves, blossoming vines or pine cones around the base of the vase to make it more of a focal point. Or collect pussy willow branches, trim and drop them into a glass vase for a seasonal alternative to floral arrangements.

Lighten Up Now that the sun sets earlier during these late months, use candles to cast more natural light in your apartment or home. Candles also properly set the mood for any restful setting so you can’t go wrong with this accessory. Tea lights in small glass pots placed on a fireplace mantle or end table and bookshelf is a quick and safe way to add a brilliant dazzling effect. Also, romanticize with a clustered display of taper candle holders or personalize with a single lantern on a statement surface. Mix in a lightly scented candle in the smells of fall (think cinnamon, pumpkin or apple) to envelope the space in an alluring aroma.

Refocus a Focal Point Don’t shy away from changing out a dramatic focal point. You can drastically renovate your space by updating only one item. To completely revamp a space, ground it with a taste of your personal style by replacing a large area rug or hanging artwork. Be bold and suspend luxurious window treatments in a thick stripe print to make a room look and feel complete. For a more ambitious project change the color of an accent wall or hoist a chandelier in place of an ordinary light fixture.

Already Got It, Flaunt It! Simply rearrange what you already have to give your place a striking face lift. Reorganize a living room bookshelf by buttressing an upright row of books with a creative bookend. Switch out old pictures for new and add varying heights by piling vintage fashion books underneath select frames. Merchandise other nooks such as your coffee table by swapping reading materials stashed in your home office and other accessories hidden in private spaces that visiting house guests have yet to see.