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Styling Wedge Sneakers

Q: I love the idea of wedge sneakers but don’t know how to style them. Do I dress them up or down?

A: The wedge sneaker’s Basketball high top inspiration combined with the hidden wedge makes it a sporty-chic hybrid, mixing together a low-key aesthetic with a dressier heel. While this juxtaposition makes for an intriguing style-statement, it is also tricky to know whether you should wear the wedge sneaker as an alternative heel or a gym shoe. Mysteriously enough, the key lies in balancing the weight of the wedge sneaker.

To begin incorporating this style into your fall wardrobe, style your outfit from the shoe up. Draw attention to your footwear and balance the chunky wedge sneaker by pairing them with skinny leg pants, tucking them in for a flattering look. Layer a relaxed top to tie the whole look together; try a boxy sweatshirt or an open leather jacket. Finish your look with long layered pendant necklaces.

Within this general formula, play with different fabrics and prints to match your personal style. If your style is more downtown than uptown, try leather paneled leggings instead of skinny jeans. For a preppy twist, try white denim with a neutral wedge sneaker. Or, to add a glamorous and feminine flair, layer a button up with an embellished collar under a fitted sweater.

Nodding to both an athletic and high-fashion aesthetic, the wedge sneaker is a fun style and experimenting with how to wear them is part of their appeal.