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Come Clean

As you pull out your cozy fall knits, favorite jeans, and riding boots, follow these truly easy ways to keep your closet organized and clutter-free.

Sweaters. It’s time to bring the chunky sweaters down from the top shelf and back into your wardrobe repertoire. When shelf space is limited, try hanging sweaters instead. The key to not stretching your knitwear is to slip them on rounded arm hangers like this Mawa Eurocurve hanger. (Or, a wide suit jacket hanger will also work.) The unique shape of this hanger helps distribute the sweaters weight across the hanger compared to traditional shapes, thus keeping stretching at bay. Even better, the slim silhouette allows for more storage space on the closet rod.

Denim. Forgo folding and stacking denim which can cause deep creases and wrinkling. Instead, borrow from the tried-and-true packing tip of rolling your denim and store them in a hanging shoe organizer. If closet space is limited, install an S-hook rack on the back of your closet door and hang your jeans by the belt loops.

Shoes. Once the temperatures drop, riding boots will be in regular rotation for your fall wardrobe. To keep your closet floor clear and boots in top-notch condition, store your boots upright. Slip a boot insert inside the shaft to keep the boots’ shape. If you don’t have a boot insert handy, slide a rolled up magazine or tall water bottle inside.

Year round, store your shoes lined heel to toe instead of both facing outward to maximize shelf space.

Scarves. During the fall, every hook, bedpost, and peg in the house becomes a storage space for scarves. Organize your neckwear by hooking shower curtain loops onto the bottom run of a pants hanger and thread scarves through them. You’ll be able to see all your different scarf styles and will keep your coatrack clutter free.