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Smarty Pants

For the first day of classes, show off your style know-how and dress for success in your major. Studio Art Major When it comes to getting dressed, your body is your canvas. Your well-trained eye means you know have the skill to artfully mix prints—keep the prints in a similar color palette and contrast a large print with a tighter, smaller print.

Economics Major  Your learned principles of supply and demand apply to your style as well: You demand a sleek wardrobe that feels polished and professional but not stuffy. The supplying answer is found in your luxe details: a color-blocked sweater, a pony hair panel on your tote, and crystals on your menswear-inspired watch.

English Major Stiff and fussy clothing clouds your creative writing skills. To keep your ink flowing (or fingers typing), you focus best in well-loved boyfriend denim and relaxed blouses.

Political Science Major  Whether or not you have officially declared your political stance, your personal style nods to both conservative and liberal aesthetics with updated classics and fashion-forward details: a timeless smoking slipper with a grosgrain bow; a cross body bag with exotic skin print; and a smartly cut military-inspired jacket.