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Summer Wedding Tips

Share one tip for dressing for a summer wedding.

“It’s so easy to dress up a staple maxi dress for a causal summer wedding with statement jewels and sandals.” – Amanda Miller, Copy Manager

“Comfortable shoes. You want to be able to cut a rug and taking off your shoes wasn’t okay when you did it at prom.” – Anne Keffer, Producer

“Colorful or metallic heels make any black dress summer appropriate.” -- Dara Braverman, Merchandise Manager

“Loving long flowing Grecian style dresses with bold statement jewelry while I’m pregnant. “ -- Emily Finkbinder, Vice President of Marketing

“Wear a sleeveless dress and stash a scarf. This way you’re prepared for the heat or the AC!” -- Kristina Bones, PR Coordinator

“Wear a dress that is made out of light fabric (like cotton), that way you are able to dance feely without becoming overheated.” -- Megan Corrigan, Marketing Coordinator

“Flow-y. Not fitted. I repeat, not fitted.” -- Suzanne Servelli, Art Director

“Opt for a clutch over a cross body handbag or tuck the long strap into the purse. The cross body strap always feels too casual even for an outdoor wedding.” – Janice Chou, Digital Content Editor