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On Everybody’s Lips

Sure the weather in Southern California doesn’t change that drastically, but there is still a certain feeling in the air when the winter months move into spring and my craving for brighter color (along with my pesky seasonal allergies) increases.

That said; I’m not traditionally a person who is totally comfortable with color. I always gravitate toward black, navy or gray and have only recently been easing into brighter hues and even pops of neon.

This blue and white floral blazer from Vince Camuto however, sits right in my comfort zone and is an absolute no-brainer for spring. It works with just about everything from basics to bold colors and would be a great tool if attempting print-on-print dressing. I was feeling so inspired, I went one step further and paired it with a vibrant lemon yellow knit top and tangerine lip. Orange is my go-to lip color. My current favorite is Clarin’s Rouge Eclat lipstick in Juicy Clementine.

When wearing such a bold lip color, I always feel compelled to do my overall makeup with a demure 50s twist, swiping a subtle kitten eye across my lid with MAC Cosmetics’ Penultimate black liquid liner.

Chanel’s Fandango blush is perfect for picking up and balancing out the orange-y tones in the lipstick, while also being a great way to add contour the cheeks. I find that this blush is generally very flattering on medium to dark skin tones. I’ve been using it in heavy rotation for years.

But, of course, the main focus of this beauty look is the lips and the way they pop from the face in an almost cartoonish (that’s a good thing) manner. The best thing about the Clarin’s formula is that unlike a few of my other favorite orange lipsticks that are matte or more opaque, it actually has a sheer, emollient texture and high shine-perfect for warmer weather when a matte formula looks and feels far too heavy.

I think that orange has been the new red for quite some time and it’s one color I seem to have never been afraid to wear (as makeup, anyway!).


Melissa Magsaysay is a style and beauty writer living in Los Angeles. She is the author of the best selling book, "City of Style: Exploring Los Angeles Fashion from Bohemian to Rock."