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Summer Moto-Boots

Q: Can I wear my moto-boots in the summertime?

A: The moto-boot is a style-essential for giving any outfit a healthy dose of the rocker vibe. While we sport a motorcycle-style boot nearly every day of the winter, come spring we often do store them away. However, if you’re having a hard time parting with your boots in the warmer, you can wear your moto-boots this summer depending on the style of your boot.

The deciding factor is the silhouette and visual weight of the boot.  It’s time to shelf your moto-boots if they hit anywhere between your calf and over-the-knee as these styles look too heavy for hot summer days. If your boot is at the ankle or below the ankle (such as a Chelsea-style boot), pair them with summer florals, tailored denim, or structured shorts for an edgy-contrasted look.

Booties are the easiest to transition into summer time. Leather booties look appropriate year round but suede booties can look too wintry when paired with other dark fabrics. For the summer months, try styling suede booties with lightweight or flowy fabrics to balance the look.

Whether you choose to store your boots or wear them straight through till fall, just remember: the changing season is always a valid excuse to go shoe shopping!