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Evening Flats

Q: When it comes to wearing heels, I’m a lost-cause. I can’t walk in them and usually end up barefoot by the end of the night but I hate being the only girl in my circle of friends in flats. How can I look cute for a girl’s night out without dying in heels?

A: We know how tempting those sky-high heels are-- after all they make your legs look longer and elongate your entire frame. However, it quickly becomes painful to watch any girl, no matter how well-dressed, struggling to stand in her shoes. Party going doesn’t mean you are obligated to wear high-heels. Instead, there are a couple of different evening shoe options without a heel that won’t undercut your night-out style: sparkling flats, over-the-knee boots, or comfy wedges.

For true flats, skip round-toe ballet flats as they are too daytime casual. Instead, styles that graze your “toe cleavage” with a softly pointed toe in exotic textures look just as evening appropriate as heels and visually extend the length of your legs. Reserve these flats exclusively for night so they always feel special. In terms of styling, because you’re wearing flats out and not heels, you can experiment more with mini-skirts and shorter hemlines that may otherwise feel too scandalous in sky-scraper heels.

Similarly, over-the-knee flat boots offer the same edgy-night-out look as heeled boots or booties without the potential walking hazards. For a more femme look, try a pair in black suede instead of leather.

If you are trying to learn to walk in heels, shelve the d’orsay pumps and stilettos which are notoriously difficult to strut your stuff in. The key is to work your way up, one inch at a time, perfecting each heel-height as you go. Begin with a pair of low-wedge booties that cover your ankle. The higher sides keep your ankle from rolling to the side while the wedge heel gives you a wider base for stability.

Regardless of the shoe you pick, remember: confidence is key to looking truly spectacular, night or day. If you’re not comfortable in heels, you can look just as amazing and more self-assured when you are wearing the heel-height that works for you.