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Summer Internship

Q: I just got my dream internship at a fashion company in New York this summer. I really want to make a good impression with my personal style but still want to look professional. What summer trends can I wear at the office?

A: Congratulations on your upcoming internship! While this is an exciting opportunity, we understand the tricky fashion-spot you find yourself in: you want to demonstrate your understanding of the freshest runway looks but they may not necessarily be office-appropriate.

Unlike past seasons where crop tops, jazz shorts, and sheer top-to-bottom best reserved for after-hours were the runway must-haves, this season there are a handful of trends that can easily translate to the workplace such as full skirts and jewel embellishments. Drop-waist dresses were another look we reveled in that is both on-trend and demure enough for a professional environment.

For the more directional trends, the key to looking polished and professionally chic in any creative office is to selectively indulge in trends in moderation and only one at time. Build upon a single trend you love with classic, work-appropriate basics. For example, vests of all varieties—motorcycle, architectural, and cargo-- were a noted must-have for the season. For work, sport the vest trend over feminine separates such as a sleek pencil skirt and long-sleeved cotton button up.

Similarly, we loved the mod-combo of black and white mixed prints which was a real show-stopper at The Tents. This look can be visually “busy” so limit your prints to structured pieces and larger, less dizzying black and white prints. Or, for a smart nod to the trend, wear it only on your accessories and keep the rest of your look minimal—think a crisp tunic and colorful straight leg trousers.

Regardless of which trend you’re adding to your wardrobe this season, take care to balance your trendy pieces with the core-basics (such as a clean A-line skirt, fitted button up, or tailored blazer) for a truly fashion-forward look that your boss will respect both work- and fashion-wise! Good luck this summer!