StyleScope: November 2014


1_ARIESAries If fortune favors the brave, you are in for an incredible month ahead! Having always been ambitious, November finds you pursuing goals with vigor and, better still, crossing off some of those pesky items on your lingering to-do list. Ride this energy through the rest of the year and channeling that can-do attitude into tackling your list of New Year’s resolutions.

2_TAURUSTaurus November presents a confusing mix of good and bad for you Taurus. While things may be humming along at work, you’ll receive two pieces unexpected news on the love-front, one thrillingly positive and one less-so, but will come from the same source.  Also, hold off on purchasing those luxe over-the-knee boots until after the New Moon on November 22nd and those boots will benefit more than just your street style cred.

3_GEMINIGemini Work is going to be center-stage for the Gemini this November which isn’t as bad as that initially sounds. Your boss will be greatly impressed by how you tackled on that latest project but make sure you stay above the office gossip because it will only drag you (and your reputation) down. A sweet pay-day is in the pipeline for you and we know you already have plans for it and your closet.

4_CANCERCancer For the majority of the month, you will be all laughs and witticisms Cancer as the planet Mercury is idles in a section of your solar chart. Your cheeky repartees will actually foster your romantic relationships as your playful side shines bright. Towards November 17th, you’ll find yourself bursting with creative energy so spontaneously throw yourself into a BYOB Painting Class and enjoy yourself!

5_LEOLeo November is jam-packed for you Leo as your boss will lob a big assignment on you and your team—with you as the project manager. Don’t be intimidated though, your poised outlook and superior organization skills will keep the group on point and on time. This will, however, infringe on your personal life a bit. Your significant other will understand but remember that when you promise you’ll make it on time for date night, you better be present in both body and mind. Leave work at the office.

6_VIRGOVirgo It’s your nature to be a team player and help your colleagues whenever you can but it’s now time to focus on yourself Virgo. Leave work early to go to your yoga class. Meet up with your girlfriends for a manicure session. Plan a romantic evening on November 31st. Whatever you need to re-focus your attention onto you, do it this month so you can be generous with your time come December when its more urgently needed.

7_LIBRALibra As the Sun passes through Scorpio, Libras will find themselves in a very pragmatic state which is perfect timing as the finance-draining holidays are looming around the corner. Take the first half of November to review your finances, pay down that looming credit card bill and adhere to a modest budget. You’ll reap the rewards when you can mix, mingle and gift without fretting over how much is in your bank account.

8_SCORPIOScorpio For the first half of the month, the Sun is moving through your first house, Scorpio, and putting you front and center in both your mind-- and everyone else’s. While you may initially feel selfish pampering and treating yourself to a little R&R, you will come back re-charged and ready to take the lead at work and in your personal life. Your bold attitude and confidence gives you the poise to direct those around you and they will be grateful for your keen guidance.

9_SAGITTARIUSSagittarius As Mercury moves through your house, the first few days of November are key for the Sagittarius. Your mind will feel clear, bright and optimistic. Plan on making any big changes like asking for that overdue pay raise or having serious relationship (be they romantic or friendly) conversations during November 1st through the 9th when your positive attitude is delightfully infectious. During Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect upon the year and begin contemplating your goals for 2015.

10_CAPRICORNCapricorn The one mantra to repeat throughout November, Capricorn, is, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Small problems will pester you but try to remain above the trivial matters or else they will consume your attention before ultimately aggressively lashing out at an innocent party. If you can rise above, your positive attitude will be rewarded—whether by an outsider or by you treating yourself to that festive party frock.

11_AQUARIUSAquarius Step away from the computer Aquarius and get some sunlight and Vitamin D! Your energy levels are at an all-time low and you feel as if you’re not making any progress in any realms of your life: financially, personally, mentally or professionally. While the month may feel painfully hum-drum, do not despair as you are moving forward in a positive direction– maybe just a little slower than you would like. When you’re feeling a little lackluster, slip on that new statement necklace. Feeling better already, right?

12_PISCESPisces One to always look at the big picture, Pisces, you need to dramatically change your perspective and look at the nitty-gritty instead. It may be tempting to take those shortcuts to reach your end goal quicker but now is the time to take the long route and abide by the rules. Cutting corners will catch up with you next month. Slow down and focus your attention instead on maximizing the free time you do have by spending it with your closest friends or picking up a new hobby.