StyleScope: October 2014


1_ARIESAries Saturn is going to be planet to blame when all your plans go awry this month, Aries. Do not despair however because your determination to be a mover and a shaker this month cannot be deterred by any unforeseen problems or challenges. Mentally prepare yourself for setbacks and you will, in turn, triumph and, when you do, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to those darling stacked booties you’ve been eyeing since August.

2_TAURUSTaurus When did your social calendar fill up so quickly, Taurus? Brunch dates, cocktail hours and Halloween parties has you breaking out of your domestic routine. The date to note is October 23rd when Venus, the planet of love, eclipses the Sun and your love life will demand your attention. If you’re in a couple, your partner will need you for support at an important event. This month you’ll be relying on your large envelope clutch to carry you from day to night so invest in one you really love.

3_GEMINIGemini Mercury is in retrograde for the majority of the month and this does not bode well for the Gemini. For you family and friends rank as your top priorities but October finds you getting into arguments with your loved ones, bickering and storming off even though you’re not that angry. When you feel yourself emotionally spiraling, calm yourself with a little window shopping. Feeling better already...

4_CANCERCancer The first half of October is not going to be bright but, once you brave the tough stuff, you’ll be rewarded with a romantic ending the month. Any personal conversations and discussions you have at the beginning of the month will morph into stormy arguments, leaving you very irritated and defensive. The 23rd marks the end of your trying period and you will feel a euphoric sense of amiability. On October 25th, be sure to dress up in your favorite new LBD as a romantic flame is about to ignite!

5_LEOLeo October is a preparatory month for Leos. From your personal calendar to work projects, everything seems to be held in limbo or pushed around to later dates. Don’t be discouraged though as all the work you do throughout the month will set you up for a very successful November when you will have a windfall of activities (both social and professional). Prepare for your busy winter and stock up on fuzzy beanie hat to keep you warm as you hustle from the office to your date night.

6_VIRGOVirgo Since May, Jupiter has been moving through your solar eleventh house and finally finishes its transit at the end of October. Throughout fall, focus on your long-term goals and ongoing projects that have been simmering on the back burner like finally getting your girlfriends together for a book club and re-painting your living room. You’ll find that tackling all these items on your to-do list is remarkably easy! Pick up a pair of comfortable driving loafers because you’ll be on the move all month!

7_LIBRALibra A full moon eclipse and Uranus are shaking up your love life, Libra. This month, your relationships are going to shift as former acquaintances and flings evolve into some of your closest friends and possibly a long-term lover! Beware though that, conversely, some formerly good friends may slip off the radar. Now’s the time though to break out those strappy heels for a date with Mr. Right who was Mr. Right-in-Front-of-You all summer long!

8_SCORPIOScorpio Oh my, Scorpio, you cannot seem catch a break! Brace yourself for rough month and, all the while, remind yourself how strong and resilient you are. Although it may be tempting to stray from your good character as other people disappoint you with broken promises, you will faithfully keep your word and follow through—after all, you abide by the adage, “Do as I do.” The greatest feat you’ll face this month is an untimely run-in with an ex. Prep your wardrobe for that awkward encounter with a chic winter coat so you’ll look pulled together at all times.

9_SAGITTARIUSSagittarius The lunar and solar eclipses this month are unsettling all the energies in your sector. This means that all those pieces of your life that were up in the air—like that deal at work you’re trying to close or that ongoing apartment hunt—are finally going to fall into place. In turn, you’ll feel a refreshing sense of calm and freedom that everything is finally coming together. Enjoy these moments of peace in a cozy knit as you enjoy a comforting cup of cocoa and unwind.

10_CAPRICORNCapricorn With Jupiter in your eight house bringing in lots of positive energy, seize this opportunity to look towards your future with a cheerful outlook. This month you’ll be thinking about your seemingly boundless prospects including a romantic relationship and a growing circle of friends. The only thing really standing in your way is your tendency to cling and look too frequently to the past to guide you. Eschew these hang ups and keep continue looking forward as things only continue to get better!

11_AQUARIUSAquarius Well, aren’t you the little heart breaker, Aquarius, with not one but two suitors vying for your attention and affection? You cannot help loving the romantic spotlight so there’s no need to suddenly rush into a relationship; instead keep these budding relationships light because someone new (and even better for you) may enter the picture on October 25th. In the meantime, grab your mirrored evening clutch and enjoy these nights out!

12_PISCESPisces Having the bright side of Neptune in your house this month means two things for you. The first, you’ll be bursting with new ideas and creative solutions to problems so you’ll be knocking projects out of the park at work. You will also be more sensitive to superficial friends, like your one girlfriend who always texts you 15 minutes before meeting up that she’s flaking out on you… again. Drop her because she’s unworthy of your loyalty and friendship and focus your attention on the circle of girls who have always been there for you.