StyleScope: September 2014


1_ARIESAries This month, you will feel zero motivation to dig yourself out this rut. But, do not despair Aries! You will surprise yourself with some introspective thinking that will ignite a new fire in your heart. Breaking out of this lull, you’ll race into fall with fresh energy, enthusiasm and hopefully a kicky pair of booties that can keep up with your pace!

2_TAURUSTaurus The planet-ruler of the Taurus sign, Venus, marks this month as an important time to foster your personal relationships. Although the office may vie for your attention, be sure to carve out some time for a girl’s night happy hour and give your mom that overdue phone call. This is an opportune time to invest in those ever-important desktop to tabletop garments so you can balance your work and off-duty appointments.

3_GEMINIGemini Ho-hum. Hum-drum. Life feels just a little blah, doesn’t it, Gemini? Even if every task feels menial, Mercury is present in the House of Gemini throughout September to bring you new energy. If you exert even minimal energy in work or in love, you will be surprised at the wonderful rewards that come back to you. Push through this trying time and reward yourself with a flirty new drop-waist dress which is sure to boost your spirits even more so.

4_CANCERCancer Channel the positive energy that is coming from Jupiter, the planet-exalt of your zodiac sign, into this month’s #1 and #2 priorities: your work and your wellbeing. Now’s the time to dig in your heels (hopefully the heels of a sleek pair of pumps) and push a little harder in your negotiations. As for your health, break out of your usual workout routine with a new spin class or yoga instructor. Your body and mind will thank you!

5_LEOLeo Your family will be very demanding and taxing of your time this month, particularly during the second ten-day period, with a convoluted problem that cannot be resolved immediately, even with your innate leadership skills. Instead of trying to “fix” everyone’s problems, state your opinion once and then foster your individual relationships. It may be your norm to carve out time for them but now’s the time that they need your attention. Sounds like you’ll need a new watch and agenda to get through this month.

6_VIRGOVirgo It may be painful, Virgo, but now’s the time to face that credit card bill. A fun-filled summer didn’t come without a price tag but it was worth it, wasn’t it? Tighten up your finances a bit at the beginning of the month by brown-bagging it at work and taking the subway instead of a cab. After the 23rd though, when your religious world enters your sign’s cash home, wisely allocate your fall clothing budget for a really important item like a camel coat that will log loads of style miles.

7_LIBRALibra With Venus and the Sun in your house, September is your month, Libra! Take full advantage of the positive energy flowing about you and take a few risks at work (consider this an opportune moment to ask for that deserved promotion), at love and in fashion. Now is the time to try those daring wide-leg trousers because you really can do no wrong this month!

8_SCORPIOScorpio This September finds you at your most charming. Use your charisma on that cutie you’ve been lusting after from afar or, if you’re already attached, direct your focus on winning over your boss. Stock up on a shimmering statement cuff to match your sparkling persona this month—after all you’ll need it for that upcoming date night or meeting with the head honcho!

9_SAGITTARIUSSagittarius Prepare to find yourself kicking everything up a notch as your ruling planet Jupiter is in Cancer. While you may have been more reserved last month, September is a welcomed return to your outgoing and adventurous ways. You will see some positive changes across your work and love life so gear up for some fun travels, budding relationships (both romantic and friendly) and some smart investments to pay off now.

10_CAPRICORNCapricorn You will spend the first half of the month in a bit of a fog, a little groggy, as if you’re coming down with a cold. Come September 17th, though, you’ll have that pep back in your step, bouncing back from that two week fatigue with vigor. Your energy will be best allocated towards a big work project. Check your aggressive management tactics though and reward your co-workers for their hard work. Macarons anyone?

11_AQUARIUSAquarius Family, friends and lovers will be drawn to you more than usual and you will revel in the increased closeness you feel with your closest loved ones. Fill up your calendar with dinner dates, shopping excursions and coffee breaks because you are a social butterfly this month. Be warned though to go solo on the 28th through the 30th when tempers in your group flare.

12_PISCESPisces Now would be a good time to invest in a sleek wallet to house all those business cards you’ll be collecting throughout September as Mercury will make you a keen networker. These newfound connections and friends will help leverage you professionally later this year. While you may be busy wheeling and dealing, don’t forget to carve out a little time for your family who will help rejuvenate your creative juices.