StyleScope: July 2014

Your monthly astrological guide to cosmic chic.

Aries Hold onto your receipts and keep track of your purchases because this is a period of dealing with financial matters. Not to worry, though: you may have been burdened with some sort of debt recently, but the accountant or lawyer that you hired will have very good news for you, and you’ll soon have peace of mind. Keep ahead of the numbers game with a spacious wallet to organize all your important cards and papers.

Taurus This month is an ideal time for you to work and build on all of your relationships, from friends and family to romantic interests. You will also be more intuitive, so tap into this to help your loved ones through any problems they may be facing. While the cosmic focus is on others, it’s also a great time to pamper yourself – maybe a pretty pedicure with sunny summer sandals to match?

Gemini This month wraps up a yearlong cycle of financial and career growth. Perhaps you’ve been pushed outside your comfort zone recently but it was definitely worth it. Now is the time to kick back and reap the rewards of all your hard work. A super-cute printed romper is the perfect way to relax in style!

Cancer This month you will be in an adventurous and playful mood. You may become full of energy, wanting to share it with everyone around you. Having a small house gathering or a short weekend trip are great ideas for where you can use this energetic mood to bring joy to others. Channel this happy new spirit in chic summer pieces in bright colors like coral and teal.

Leo Get ready, Leo, because your life is about to change drastically and you’re going to love it! The planet of good fortune is about to enter your sign and bold risks will bring awesome opportunities that could take your life on a completely new trajectory by next year—if not sooner. Why not step outside of your style comfort zone and try something completely new, like a pair of perforated booties you can wear now all the way through fall?

Virgo It’s time to invest in a power pair of pumps, because you have strong cosmic energy in your chart that will push your career to new heights. You will become greatly inspired to do whatever it takes for the promotion and raise you have been wanting -- move with your heart, and try not to overthink anything.

Libra Have you had your eye on a luxe leather handbag but have been too wallet-shy to make the investment? No worries, because the amount of money you desire to make and the career that you love may finally balance each other out soon. You have paid your dues, and now they will be paying you back handsomely for doing what you love to do.

Scorpio You might want to invest in some flashy flat sandals, dear Scorpio, because this July will have you doing the happy dance multiple times. Your career and love life will be off the charts the whole month, and recent delays or setbacks will all seem to pass like they never happened. Enjoy this time and the months to come – you’ve earned it!

Sagittarius Perhaps you’ve been feeling like you’ve been flying under the radar as of late, but the stars have finally aligned to revive your positive outlook and the world is now your oyster once again.  It’s time to celebrate you in a party-perfect pair of heels – you’ll need them to dance the night away!

Capricorn This is a great time for communication and building rapport with your co-workers. Get to know your colleagues a bit better by going out with them a few times after work this month, and treat yourself to a pretty maxi dress for those outdoor happy hours. This is prime time to learn how to become a better team player.

Aquarius You’re going to need a new pair of stylish sunglasses to see all the bright opportunities at work this month. Your real challenge will be knowing which opportunities to take. Once you re-evaluate your career goals, you can grab the right opportunities for the path that you really want in life.

Pisces You may have lacked motivation recently because you are unsure of your life’s purpose, but don’t fret! Something will happen soon that will inspire you to take more action. It might be a conversation with someone close, or an unusual event. Whatever it is, it will reignite the fire in you to reach for your dreams. Channel this newfound heat in a red-hot summer dress.