StyleScope: June 2014

Your monthly astrological guide to cosmic chic.

ARIES: You’ve been feeling like a change of scenery, and June is ideal for a short trip. It’s also a great time to take a course or start a new study. Either way, sounds like the perfect time to invest in the backpack trend. You will also notice your daily pace is accelerating with increased activities and a sense of excitement. Expect fun, thrilling times this summer!

TAURUS: As the Sun shifts signs, it draws your attention to cash flow, earnings, investments plus shopping and major purchases, so a wallet with lots of compartments in a bright summer color is the perfect way to start your financial planning. And while you’re at it, why not grab the bag to match?

GEMINI: When the Sun is in your sign, as it is now, it attracts people and favorable circumstances to you. It’s a fortunate time! Make the most of it in a bodycon dress in a look-at-me-hue. It’s also a good time to take a quick report card of your life. How well are you doing at the art of living? What kind of grade would you give yourself?

CANCER: This month is the perfect time to think about what you want the rest of your year to be about. Look back over the past few months. How do you want things to be different for the rest of 2014? While you’re pondering, try to rethink your wardrobe and inject some serious trends in there, like tribal prints and hot cutouts.

LEO: You will enjoy friendships more this month, and it’s important that you really respond to these relationships because in the month ahead, your interactions with others will benefit you more than you could know. A sheer-paneled maxi dress will start up conversations… and set hearts racing.

VIRGO: This is the only time of the year when the Sun is high in your chart, acting like a fun and flattering spotlight. This means you easily impress people in authority. It only happens once a year and you have about a one-month run. Why wouldn’t you use it to promote your agenda or go after what you want? Start with a power pantsuit and work your magic all month long!

LIBRA: You’ve been hungry to learn and discover new things, and this month will bring you travel opportunities and a change of scenery. Hooray! Profound discussions about philosophy, religion, the world and politics will abound; plus you will meet new people from different countries. So pack your new ultra-chic carry-on tote and get ready to get globetrotting!

SCORPIO: Tackle mundane issues like wills and taxes, and they will fall into place quickly. It’s best to get those tasks out of the way because another area of your chart that will be highlighted is your love life. Nothing new for you, Scorpio, but better grab a glittering pair of heels for glamorous nights on the town. Expect a memorable month!

SAGITTARIUS: The polarized position of the Sun will focus your attention on partnerships and close friendships this month. This will be a great opportunity for you to see how to improve your relationships. So get set for a summer of fun in a new pair of shorts—it’s up to you how high the hemline is!

CAPRICORN: You are a worker, but you also like to let loose and have fun. This June, make your time count by tackling To-Do lists and putting the focus on your job. You will get great satisfaction from whatever you produce. Plus, Venus still promises fun, parties, romance and social schmoozing, so treat yourself to a fabulous shiny new pair of dancing shoes!

AQUARIUS: Lucky you! Once a year, the Sun takes four weeks to move through the part of your chart linked with love affairs, romance, vacations, the arts, parties, social affairs, sports events and silly times with children. Fun times have arrived, so get out your social calendar and plan to meet people for fun occasions. And treat yourself to a flirty dress because romantic options are around every corner!

PISCES: This is the time of year when you are focused on home, family and your domestic life. You will entertain more on the homefront and be more inclined to invite family members or have the gang over for a barbecue. A long, flowing maxi in a pretty print is the perfect way to entertain comfortably. It will also come in handy in the next four weeks, when you will likely flee your home to go on a vacation!