StyleScope: May 2014

Your monthly astrological guide to cosmic chic.

ARIES: What’s new for Aries right now is a deeply feminine, retro look that speaks of a woman from another era. Channel your inner pin-up in a swingy new A-Line dress and expect to reach your full potential for the season as Venus, the planet that rules fashion, resides in your sign this month.

TAURUS: The focus is on finances this month, but one of your specialties as a Taurus is re-working timeless pieces already in your closet (such as a white button-down shirt with a black pencil skirt) and staying right on-trend. Be nice to your pocketbook and shop for small accessories like bright scarves and thick-rimmed sunglasses this month.

GEMINI: May is such a lovely month for you, so be sure to take the time to enjoy it! Dress for any occasion by embracing the very current sporty-chic trend. Opt for move-with-you clothing and score yourself a must-have backpack. Looking stylish in a casual way will allow you to slow down and embrace that ready-for-anything attitude that is all your own.

CANCER: You may feel like you’ve gone overboard with the spending, and maybe you have. But now that Jupiter, the abundance planet, is in your sign, there’s more where that came from. Come out of your shell. Spring for a party dress and go out on the town. This planetary party happens once every 12 years, so you might as well enjoy it!

LEO: With a number of planets in your sign this time of year, you have a bit more ease this season. Pinching pennies has never been the royal Lionesses’ forte, and who better to spend any extra on than yourself? Time for some new luxe flats, as right now Venus is in Pisces, ruling the feet. Get what you want but don’t get too carried away.

VIRGO: Your patience is paying off! You’ve finally mastered balancing work and pleasure, and people are beginning to notice (in a good way). So you kick back, loosen up and relax. Think long, flowy maxi dresses in airy chiffon to carry you straight through summer with your new confident, effortless ease.

LIBRA: Little stylish touches count, and you are the master of that, Ms. Libra. Sometimes it’s not how you enter a room; it’s how you are remembered once you leave. Your accessories are what will get you noticed this month, and your softer side will rejoice in pastel handbags and golden jewelry.

SCORPIO: Things have not been super-easy for you lately, darling Scorpio, but you only have to hold tight for a bit longer and the road will run much smoother. Promise! Fun and games are on the horizon, so get set with some leg-baring shorts and wear-all-day wedges.

SAGITTARIUS: Do you feel like you are a fashion muse these days? It’s probably because you are. The ‘90s revival has brought with it many positive aspects, and you are definitely one of them. So go ahead and make a statement in a printed jumper, and protect your look on sunny days with a new hat.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to turn your uncanny attention to detail and focus it on yourself for a change. That means creating a time to escape from your everyday routine – like a long massage at your favorite local spa or better yet, one in a far-off land! Look luxuriously effortless with a printed spaghetti strap dress and slinky new sandals.

AQUARIUS: Been thinking of rocking the crop top trend but you’re a bit wary? There’s no time like the present, Aquarius! Start off sporting the look in a solid color with a high-waist pant, then graduate into a fitted skirt. May is a month of color and renewal for you, so make sure you accessorize with seriously bold accessories, too.

PISCES: It's time to finally invest in clothing that you feel good in: it doesn’t matter how great something looks if it’s not comfortable. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from this season, such as billowing printed pants and flowing maxi dresses. Reoutfit yourself now and breeze through spring and summer in effortless style.