StyleScope: April 2014

Your monthly astrological guide to cosmic chic.

ARIES: The Sun is in your sign right now, giving you a chance to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. It also attracts important people to you as well! As a fire sign, you’re drawn to all things red, so a bright scarlet T-strap will help you step up your style game while you use these good vibes to your advantage.

TAURUS: Your optimism is strong and your hopes for the future are big. These dreams are justified because you are super- close to reaching a career peak in your life! As an earth sign, you usually opt for neutral tones. But if you want to grab the attention of higher-ups at work, surprise everyone with a bold jolt of color.

GEMINI: You are super-popular this month, so get out and socialize! Join classes, gyms and organizations. You are a true social butterfly, so look for attention-grabbing prints and graphic shapes not only on your clothing, but accessories as well…they’re perfect for starting conversations with potential new BFFs!

CANCER: The Sun is like your spotlight these days and it’s shining super-flattering rays on you! This is the time to make your pitch or go after what (or who) you want. Not only will authority figures give you the thumbs-up, but suddenly random gifts and goodies will be headed your way as well. A super-stylish structured tote is the perfect way to carry them all in style.

LEO: A change in scenery is just what you need, whether it’s a short road trip or jetting somewhere faraway… so get going! You love dramatic, spotlight-stealing fashion, so before you split, grab a two-piece or maillot with an alluring cutout and set tails wagging, no matter where your destination!

VIRGO: This month will be full of passion, both on the home front and while standing up for your best interests. Your personal and work life continues to go well, but also expect to be focused on bills, taxes and finances. Take a break from crunching numbers to mini-splurge on… what else? A colorful new wallet to hold all your belongings (and cash) in style.

LIBRA: The Sun is now opposite your sign, and because it is your source of cosmic energy, you are wiped out! You need more rest. However, this will be nearly impossible because Venus is stirring up all sorts of special occasions and romantic adventures for you to partake in. So give into your Libra nature and score a slinky new dress in a cool spring color…just try to get some sleep in-between parties!

SCORPIO: You are doing your best for things to run smoothly at work and at home. But lately you’ve been obsessed with fitness and working out, too! What’s a toned Scorpio to do? If you’re having trouble striking a balance, make a list to help prioritize what is really important. And while you’re at it, indulge in a new swimsuit to highlight all your hard work on the elliptical machine!

SAGITTARIUS: This month is full of fun, parties, schmoozing and romance! It’s also a great time to express your creative talents…you can even make money from writing and talking. Wealth will continue to come your way, so don’t hold back. You are drawn to shades of purple, which is perfect for spring and attracting even more opportunities.

CAPRICORN: Your focus is now on home and family. Some Capricorns will want to cocoon under the blankets, and others want to make basic changes at home that make them happy. Hopefully you are ready to part with your hard-earned cash to buy gorgeous goodies for yourself and your abode. A drawstring bag is a style must this spring, so we recommend you start there…it’s a cinch!

AQUARIUS: This month will be a busy one for you…you’ve got things to do, people to see, places to go! This is also a strong phase for those who sell, teach, act or write. Step outside your comfort zone in a chic cutout bootie and you will reap the rewards!

PISCES: Mercury is currently in your sign, which means you’re concerned with money and how to get more. Mercury also helps you express yourself more clearly, so there’s no time like the present to invest in the sheer trend so many celebs are rocking lately by scoring yourself a dress or top designed with strategic see-through panels.