StyleScope: March 2014

Your monthly astrological guide to cosmic chic.

ARIES: You are strong, outspoken and proud of it, but try to take time this month to reflect rather than taking action. This will allow you to wisely choose what you should keep and what to let go, in order to move forward in the right direction. This applies to work, love and also your closet: figure out what you love and let go of the rest.

TAURUS: This is a great time for making plans, especially on the work front, but do your best to make sure you don’t let your partner feel second-best. Invest in a dress with sultry sheer panels and sky-high heels to channel your inner vixen – you can wear them when you take your love out on the town!

GEMINI: Take a back seat this month to get a more objective view of things. Once you see more clearly, you’ll get a better measure of the choices to be made and the options you should go for. An on-trend see-through clutch will help you gain full transparency--and also help you locate your phone more easily!

CANCER:  Invest in powerful fashion pieces like a structured blazer or maxi dress, as March finds you doing your utmost to move forward in your career and improve your social standing. Try your best to harness the same energy at home, where communication will be abrupt and sometimes blocked by a lack of understanding.

LEO:  Probe deeper into your emotions and passions -- all your feelings will be more intense this month. Score a red top or dress and you might also attract someone who is strong and powerful; someone who provokes further self-discovery or forces (good) changes in your life.

VIRGO: The Sun is as far away from you as it will get this year. Since it’s your main source of energy, you’ll need more sleep. Also take this time to learn more about yourself through partnerships and close friendships. Reflect on your wardrobe to figure out your perfect look for spring--think pastels, nude sandals and metallic totes!

LIBRA: Before spring finally comes, get organized!  Make a to-do list and do what you can to make repairs, file papers and put everything in order. This includes your health. Establish new exercise regimes, scrutinize your diet, and invest in a spacious tote to carry your gym clothes and healthy snacks in style!

SCORPIO:  Get ready to get out, Scorpio! This is a very social month for you: accept invitations, go to sporting events or to the theatre, movies, art openings…you name it! This is also a wonderful time for a vacation, so pack your bags (and your new metallic carry-on tote) because this is your time to shine!

SAGITTARIUS: Your attention turns to home and family this month. You’ll want to hibernate at home and relax among your warm surroundings. Even though you love to travel, it comforts you to know that you have a home base – so snag a new spring sweater and cuddle up in your warm, cozy abode.

CAPRICORN: You’ve got things to do, people to see and places to go! Short trips, errands, chatting with friends and hanging out with family will create a busy schedule this month. This is an excellent time to shop for wardrobe upgrades because you’re looking good and you know it, so go ahead and splurge on some hot heels to show off those legs!

AQUARIUS: Money, cash flow, finances and possessions will be your focus now. You will establish greater control in your life through what you value and own. This is why some of you will make major purchases or shop for something that gives you a sense of power… a new wallet will help you invest wisely.

PISCES: The Sun is in your sign, recharging your batteries for the rest of the year. You will attract important people and encouraging circumstances, and you can more easily project yourself out into the world. Obviously, this is a great time to make an impression on others, so splurge on a few new power pieces to give your look a much-needed mini overhaul.