StyleScope: February 2014

Your monthly astrological guide to cosmic chic.

ARIES: Focus your energy on your health and  fitness this month, and other minor setbacks and delays will seem to fade away. The perfect workout partner is a streamlined tote to carry all your gear in subtle style. Get pumped and stay pumped – romance will pick up for you at the end of the month!

TAURUS: Contemplating working the perennial menswear trend into your wardrobe? Now is the perfect time. This month, a male figure plays a major role in your life, perhaps giving you a meaningful message or inspiration. Channel his wisdom with a crisp blazer and lace-up metallic oxfords.

GEMINI: A great connection to your family will be formed this month, with a spotlight on life goals and education. The bond will grow stronger every day, so stay grounded with a fabulous pair of flats in a bright new color to usher the spring in optimistic style.

CANCER: This is one of your best months of 2014. No matter what you do, you’ll be successful! So if there’s an upcoming trend for spring you’ve been shy to try --- think envelope skirts or boldly printed pants – now is the time! You can do no wrong this month, especially when it comes to fashion.

LEO:  Be spontaneous, take risks and your career will richly benefit right now. Echo this successful sentiment with a new approach to work dressing: an unexpected graphic print or a bold black-and-white ensemble will make a powerful statement without saying a word.

VIRGO: With Valentine’s Day right in the middle of the month, everybody’s mind is on their heart. But only you, dear Virgo, will reach the peak of romantic enlightenment this month, with highlights on relationships, affairs and passion. Key wardrobe essentials in racy red will surely set hearts afire in your wake.

LIBRA: Take advantage of the good luck and energy surrounding you this month and the sky’s the limit! This is one of your best months of the year for you as far as health, opportunity and finance. Why not welcome all your newfound wealth with a super-chic wallet that doubles as a wristlet?

SCORPIO:  This will be a tricky month for you—not bad, just tricky. There will be lots of twists and turns, ups and downs, but in the end you will achieve your goal, so keep your eyes on the prize! On-trend sheer-paneled dresses and tops are an intuitive choice during this time of illusion.

SAGITTARIUS: Party the month away , darling Sag, because life will seem like an obstacle course right now, so you may as well RSVP ‘yes’ to all the invites pouring in and scoop up a new party dress. Ditch the standard LBD and opt for a LWD to send positive vibes your way, and by March you’ll reap the rewards.

CAPRICORN: Go ahead and sign up for that Bikram yoga class you’ve contemplated, or dust off that Tai Chi DVD: February will be a month that’s unexpectedly tranquil and peaceful for you. So take a deep breath and chill out in statement jewelry with gemstones in shades of cool, relaxing blue.

AQUARIUS: Dig in deep and find your determination to push harder and be stronger. You find that your destiny is becoming clearer to you at this time and you’re perfectly in tune with all of your senses. A fresh new fragrance will give you the inspiration to go even further.

PISCES: This is a very happy time for you, as you’re about to embark on a month of adventure and travel! Orange is the color the style set is crushing on this season, so perk up your dreary winter duds to reflect your sunny spirits with a dress or top in this very juicy hue, and enjoy your journey.