StyleScope: June 2013

Your monthly Astrological Guide to cosmic chic.


ARIES: If you’re able, keep your head down and ensembles understated early in the month, but after the 10th it’s all systems go…especially when it comes to romance. Get set to stun in colorful hi-low dress. If you are solo, fighting off admirers could be a problem so make sure your clutch has plenty of metal hardware!

TAURUS: You are usually not super-spontaneous, but this month, you must respond to social opportunities since the stars are telling you there are people to may need to meet. Be prepared with an easy-to-wear neutral wedge that can take you from a backyard BBQ to the fields of a polo match at a moment’s notice. Realizations you have over the course of the month cannot be ignored. Show your courage with a bold tribal statement necklace.

GEMINI: Have your eye on a fitted blazer or a colorful pump? Go for it, as the focus is on your career this month, and you can no longer disregard your inner cry for more. Follow your instincts about where your true talents lie and you can finally get your big break. Things haven’t been too easy lately, so you may be guarding your feelings. Try not to! This can lead to isolation and missed opportunities.

CANCER: Now is the time to find that perfect bikini or maillot--impromptu trips are in your stars, and yours proves to be very exciting! Insight around the 15th is valuable, so it’s wise to listen to yourself. This month, money begins to move in the right direction: toward you. So you might as well score a colorful new wallet as well---it will definitely come in handy!

LEO:  Sizzling chemistry sends sparks flying early in the month, so be prepared with a romantic floral dress to show how your love blooms, A recent internal review brings wisdom, and it shows in your confident, constructive actions and bold black-and-white outfitting. By understanding others and helping them solve problems, you make a real investment in yourself. So go ahead, why not get those sky-high sandals you’ve had your eye on for so long?

VIRGO: The 15th heralds a new chapter in love: there is a sense of romantic destiny, but be careful of becoming obsessive. You can hit the jackpot with encounters that bring a true connection of minds, so bring yourself attention in a figure-highlighting dress with a daring hardware to show you’ve got edge.

LIBRA: Take a deep breath, grab your comfiest (and cutest!) flats, and get ready run and to do whatever it is you want. The past few months have been a holding pattern due to slow planets, but it’s time to cash in on all that good karma you’ve earned. The New Moon in Gemini on the 8th is so useful, especially when the Sun joins Jupiter on the 19th offering big rewards for your time, energy, faith and hope, with more to come right up until the 25th.

SCORPIO: Grab a new party dress—or two—for life is meant for celebrating and showing your innovative, creative skills and there’s no better time for that than now. Your festive mood and romantic allure are irresistible, bringing romantic windfalls all month long. It’s your time to shine, so why not invest in some golden accessories to highlight that alluring tan and gorgeous new dress?

SAGITTARIUS: Break out your new maxi and slip on some strong bangles because a liberating domestic revolution is here. You may make radical changes at home, and family celebrations are also in the air, but the unexpected is still lurking, so be flexible. Better slip some flats into your tote. Travel plans finally get made way after months of debating, so don’t forget to pick up a new pareo as well!

CAPRICORN: Backpacks are one of the season’s most sought-after trends--since you’ve always been a student of life, use the knowledge you’ve gained to find your perfect bag for the season. Find one with adequate space for your books: accumulated insight can be developed through the written word. If you are called upon to sacrifice your work ethic for the sake of family this month, you need to realize that good results, not necessarily ideal ones, will have to do.

AQUARIUS: Life has been good to you lately, and a shopping spree has been in order for some time now. The responsibilities of good fortune may be daunting, but with your usual diligence you keep proving your worth, and extra income reflects this... as well as that haute new tote. Trust your gut and do not get talked into taking risks.

PISCES: Stock up on some power pumps because the dramatic personal changes you have been craving are now possible thanks to your intuition and luck… especially in the first week of the month. Reap great results from past career input, but try to avoid burning bridges in pursuit of the new. A trip can lessen restlessness, and it will also be liberating. Time for a new two-piece?