StyleScope: May 2013

Your May Astrological Guide to cosmic chic.

ARIES: Have your eye on a daring neon clutch or sky-high stiletto? Go for it: the stars are telling you to step outside of your fashion comfort zone and try something new. Be creative, and you can turn a tough situation around. Spend time with a Libra friend for some positive vibes.


TAURUS: This is a great time to try patterns—they’ll give you the power you need to you nurse those love wounds. Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder! A problem that arises may be a blessing in disguise, so don’t get too worked up over the small stuff. If you can, update those apps on your smart phone as this month may have some delays.


GEMINI: Bold color blocking will brighten your mood (and your attitude), until an unexpected mid-month break gives you some well-deserved time off. Don’t be afraid to give in to relaxation, and pack lots of pastels to bring even more happiness to your chic retreat!


CANCER: All your hard work has finally paid off, so now is the perfect time to embrace to black-and-white trend. Try upping the color ante with your fave hue because hey, this is your month to do whatever you want. This winning color combo will also keep you feeling balanced and powerful in your love life—especially on that upcoming romantic weekend!


LEO: Red is Leo’s signature color, so wear it often this month to ward off negative thoughts you may be having and keep your attitude positive. Also be aware when wearing your grandmother’s ring or your prized Vince Camuto bag: something you love could be lost. This is especially true if you’re traveling.


VIRGO: Connect to your inner power by rocking strong reds and hot corals this month, and don’t be afraid to speak up – it’s the only way to make others aware of your frustrations. Look your best at work but keep the office hottie at arm’s length—a flirtation at this time could be a recipe for disaster. Use this time to get in touch and catch up with old friends, it will pay off.


LIBRA: Lucite accessories are having a major moment, so rock them as a chic reminder to stop searching far for something you need, and look right in front of you. It may not seem so obvious at first, but it will be crystal clear in time. A show of independence will work wonders in a romance – especially with Scorpio.


SCORPIO: This month, you’re given a rare opportunity to turn your gaze inward and resolve and old emotional issue or find new value in a relationship. Gold represents worth, so wear it on everything from jewelry, handbags and even shoes to remind you of the value of your friends and family.


SAGITTARIUS: Keep your look sharp this month, as a career opportunity could come your way when you least expect it. Investigate it deeper before discounting it at face value; there may be more than meets the eye. There’s no time like the present to splurge on a chic blazer or pretty pumps -- but before you pull out the plastic, be sure to shop around for the best deal!


CAPRICORN: This month has a wildly romantic outlook for you, so pretty yourself in pink to set the enchanting mood. Look back to the past to help fix a problem today -- you’ll find that time has a way of repeating itself. Scorpio offers some words of wisdom.


AQUARIUS: Strong stripes will set off a month of success for you, so if you’re looking for a new job, now may be your time. Be aware when a friend offers help-- it might not be totally selfless, there may be a motive.  You are super-popular right now, so say yes to all social invitations and have some fun!


PISCES: Finances are in focus this month, so offset the balancing of books with romantic dresses in powerful prints to keep your creative side entertained. And don’t worry! Careful budgeting (and carefree outfitting) will get you through.