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The Power of the Pump

Kate Ogata founded her blog The Fancy Pants Report on one basic tenant: You wear the pants, they don’t wear you.

To adhere to this adage, each outfit Kate posts to The Fancy Pants Report features a flattering fit, smart accessories and, most importantly, confidence to carry off the whole look. Although Kate’s outfits are rich in style and originality, they are not made of exclusively expensive wares. An advocate for mixing high and low designers, Kate picks up inexpensive trendy pieces and invests in classics and wardrobe workhorses that can go the extra style-mile.

The key to looking posh without breaking the bank is all about the details—especially when it comes to accessories. A well cared-for handbag, buffed shoes and polished jewelry upgrade any look—a lesson Kate is well versed in as her accessories are consistently on point. Here, for example, Kate elevates a casual and trendy look with the addition of the simple and elegantly shaped Kain pump. Introducing this timeless, classic shoe makes her trend-right outfit feel very luxe.

To recreate the look at home, dutifully drop off shoes and handbags at the cobbler for a once-over. In the hands of a professional, your accessories will return to their original luster and feel brand new again. Onlooking admirers need not know you only shopped your closet for that swanky look!