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All The Cage

Blogger Jenny of Crazy, Style, Love knows how to wear a high-waisted, full A-line skirt like nobody’s business.

Zara-Palm-Print-Jacket-Ruffle-Skirt-4Pairing her now signature silhouette with pointed-toe heels and tops of varying prints and fabrics, Jenny has mastered her quintessential look that is ladylike without feeling dainty or precious. Spicing up her winning go-to combo with long jackets and statement jewelry, Jenny’s look remains true to her femme sensibilities while consistently conveying a strength in her femininity.

For this street style look, Jenny layers a fun printed jacket over a retro-inspired little black dress. Sweet upon first glance and a little daring upon review, her Vince Camuto Fontanela booties echo Jenny’s overall style aesthetic and complete her look perfectly. Incorporating elements that toe the line between different style genres keeps Jenny's personal style so interesting while remaining true to her.