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Style Runs Deep

Fashion expert Katie Goldsmith gives new meaning to the phrase, “running in heels.”

Equal parts fitness and style devotee, Katie’s two passions beautifully intermingle in her work as a leading fashion editor. As former longtime fashion director for Shape magazine, Katie was responsible the style direction of the entire magazine. Her creative eye melded together the avant-garde runway trends and season’s new looks with a sporty flair that honored the magazine’s fitness roots. The resulting spread would be a bold and empowering editorial that was before its time, toeing the line between these two worlds that are commingling now more than ever.

Read on as Katie discusses her seasoned career in the fashion industry, her favorite places to indulge in New York City and how her charitable efforts spurred a newfound love of running. Also, stay tuned next week when Katie models four must-have coats by Vince Camuto and offers you the chance to win a jacket for yourself in our Cool Weather, Cool Coat sweepstakes!

How do you describe your personal style? Classic, minimal, easy. I gravitate toward elevated basics and clean lines, a great menswear-tailored blazer or a deceptively simple lace cami that shows just the right amount of skin. It’s not uncommon for me to find a picture from five years ago and realize I just wore the exact outfit five days ago! I love [Vogue Paris editor-in-chief] Emmanuelle Alt’s iconic French style -- the perfect mix of masculine and feminine and always true to herself.

What is the best style advice you have ever received? This isn’t advice, per se, more of the influence of my upbringing: I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania and my mother definitely cares more about football than fashion. I’ve always been grounded by a sense of reality; fashion should be fun and make you feel fabulous!

What is one bit of encouragement or guidance you’d like to share with someone looking to get into the fashion industry? Nothing beats hard work. There are so many blogs and TV shows out there now that make this industry look like a lifetime of glamour and high heels. Try getting 12 garment trunks that each weigh 70 pounds through international customs at 2AM! Be prepared to get your hands dirty and soak up everything you can learn from the people around you.

Where do you begin when you’re styling-- either a shoot or yourself for the day? Do you begin with a particular garment or the dress code guidelines? When I’m working on a shoot, I start with a trend or an idea and pull together tears from magazines, books, websites-- anything really-- to create inspiration boards! These inform the feeling of the story, help determine a shoot location, hair and makeup concepts and, of course, the fashion styling. I have files and files of inspiration images on my computer just waiting to be put to use!

When it comes to dressing myself, I have to be a little more practical. I start with the weather (heels when it’s snowing? Pass.). Then I take note of the reality of what I have on tap that day (important meeting with clients? Or in the trenches on set?) and go from there. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit I have an inspiration folder for that too!

Is there a shoot from your portfolio that sticks out as a really proud moment where you felt a particular sense of accomplishment? Shooting Beyoncé for the cover of Shape was definitely a career moment for me-- like, pinch yourself, this is really happening! I also love working with the amazing photographer Sarah Silver. She always gets what I’m going for and then knows just how to make it even better.

Where are some of your favorite places in New York City for meals, inspiration, a cocktail, ambling about? Eating and drinking in New York is how I spend most of my time-- and most of my expendable income! No matter where I end up, there is nothing I love more than sitting at the bar. There’s Upstate for seafood, Osteria Morini or Scarpetta for a perfect bowl of pasta, Cafe Gitane for avocado toast, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse on Park Ave for an ice-cold martini and the old fashioned at Eleven Madison Park, which is possibly the most beautiful room in New York. And I have a serious soft spot for a good dive bar. I could go on forever!

Few things inspire me more than New York City street style. Every day I see a new thoughtful detail or way of pairing things that feels fresh. I prefer walking to taking the subway or taxis, sometimes that translates to hours a day, and I love every minute.

What inspired you to take up long-distance running as your hobby? I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was nine years old and about five years ago I was looking  for a way to get more involved with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) in New York. They started an amazing program, Team Challenge, that helps you train for a half marathon and fundraise for the organization. I thought, worst case scenario, I’ll just walk the 13.1! But that quickly turned into walk/jogs and later runs. I love to pick destination races as inspiration (like Napa, Portugal and Kona, Hawaii) and in the process have raised over $20,000 for the CCFA!

What do you love about running? It’s an hour in the day that’s for me. No phone, no work, no decisions. My brain doesn’t shut off; I think I’m too Type A for that! But it definitely gets quieter. Afterward, I feel stronger, empowered and ready to take on the day.

Where is your favorite place to run, either in or outside of New York City? In New York, it’s Central Park, hands down. I never get over the feeling of space and trees with views of the skyline, all in the center of Manhattan. You can’t help but think, “How lucky am I to actually live here?” But my favorite thing to do when visiting a new city is to go for an early morning run. There is no better way to feel like a local and really get to know a new place.